Anna needs to be replaced with someone else's voice!

Why do we have Anna and not Cortana as a GPS in Horizon 2? It would have been amazing!

Is she really that annoying? I turned the GPS voice off, and have only used Anna once. I haven’t found a need for it.

You never played FH1 I guess.

Compared to Alice, I’m ok with the Star Trek computer telling me there’s a bounty nearby.

I like anna

I don’t find her annoying. Just sounds like any GPS voice. It’s not like she’s constantly talking.

Hey, we should have the option for the creepy British guy announcer from the older games.

The voice doesn’t bother me one bit. Are you sure you aren’t just looking for things to annoy? Or are you just joking lol

COD has DLC voice over changes from Snoop Dogg and R. Lee Ermey.

I would definitely fork over a few bucks to listen to Clarkson, May, or even Snoop Dogg instead of Anna in this game. That would be a cool DLC addon.

With snoop i imagine it’s turn right you bleep, stop and have a joint and then continue the journey haha

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B Wald, pie-eyed: “Waaait, where was I going again?”

Snoop: “It don’ matta, sucka jus’ drive. Turn leff, uh, whenever man.”

It would be even more annoying of they had the voice of that British guy who announced the tracks on Forza 4 :stuck_out_tongue: (NOT JEREMY CLARKSON, THE OTHER ONE.)

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HAHA! this is true

The only voice I want to turn off is the announcer guy lol. Very annoying and I still have well over 100 championships to go.

But the other drivers are starting to talk about you, Sat. You just might secure yourself a spot in last week’s Finale! You’re developing quite the following too.

This is need-to-know stuff my friend, you should thank him.

BTW I did the 2nd Finale in D class so I could use me favourite car. Ben used a Transit Van and finished DEAD LAST. The idiot.

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I just turned her off, the GPS shows where I need to go anyway.

You can turn her off or on haha

You can turn the GPS off, but you still have to deal with her telling you to pay attention to the difficulty level of drivatars before you challenge them. Because higher level difficulty drivers yeild higher payouts.

She also insists on bugging you about Horizons Best Drivatars, ‘if you wish to challenge them’. No, Anna, I don’t want to challenge them. You’re smart enough to realise that I haven’t done a bucket list or bonus board in a while - learn to take a hint. -.-

At least you only have to hear it one time each session you play the game. Maybe it just bugs me because it’s so robotic and unnecessary. It’s not there for flair or personality, but to give you information. Information that it’s difficult to understand why Playground felt you need to hear every day…

I would pay real money to get a James Earl Jones - Darth Vader GPS, as long as it had the option of having the errors like in official TomTom video.

“At the end of the road, turn round.”

You know what would be awesome? Every time you floor it onto the highway, Jeremy Clarkson screams “POWAAAAAHHHRRR!!!”


Once might be funny but twice would be too many lol.