An unexpected (but welcome) UX fix - One line of text edition

When filtering ‘car types’ it’s now in alphabetic order…

Bollards, a second line. Don’t get too excited, of course the ‘performance class’ filter isn’t in alpha order. Consistency, ahahahahaha, no.


I noticed that, but was (and still am, really) unsure as to whether it was “by design”, or just something else broken alongside the invisible cars this month… :thinking:

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Not alphabetical for me, at least coming from the “Change Car” in Freeroam.

Edit: Doesn’t work in the garage either. Xbox One X here…

I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see the change being finally implemented because I’ve been suggesting it here on Suggestions Hub and opening a ticket about it. Now we don’t have to scroll up and down just to choose the right car type for a particular race. Kudos to the devs for actually listening!

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Maybe the Filter list is sorted, I didn’t check that.

Yes, it’s the filter list when in the garage. On Xbox, I think I press the “Y” button, which first shows filtering options by all the PI Classes, (D-X), then the filtering options for car type (extreme offroad, retro supercars, etc.). Until a few days ago, it was a jumbled mess since forever. I agree with the OP that it was a much needed and long overdue improvement. A minor victory for us, but a victory nonetheless.


happy dance happy dance :smiley: That is an awesome UX update ! Such a small thing but it feels huge !

It’s strange that it took so long, because alphabetical sorting is code that you can search for on Google. It doesn’t matter what language you program in the sorting is easy to add to any programming language.

C++ \ C# is just an additional parameter on one line.