Am I the only one who misses the C6 Z06 & C6.R?

So I noticed the C6 Z06 and C6Z.R are gone and replaced. Anyone know if they’ll be in a DLC?

No one knows for sure except for Turn 10 - but I’d almost put money on it being DLC at some point.

Noticed the same thing about the E60 M5.

I’ll second that! Huge Corvette Racing fan. Also the C5R, and wouldn’t mind the C5 race cars from FM4.

I love the Racing Vettes.

I miss them too

the one racing vette in 6 isnt r class competitive. :frowning: sad times.

I don’t have the game, but I was palying on my friends. Im planning on getting a console and F6 tomm AM lol. SUre hope they do realize some of us guys do like the C6’s!