(Almost) billionaire club

Guys, good news!

Last week I’ve made it to the (almost) billionaire club 999.999.999 Cr. And I can’t earn anymore money.

It’s good to be rich, but I’ll miss some good old flipping cars in the AH. :smiley:

Have a great week.



I made it a while back, and I only posted to let the newcomers know that I did it in the auction house buying cheap, and selling for a profit when I wasn’t legendary.

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I’m still not legendary painter nor tuner. I’ve made all the money by flipping exclusives.

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I hit the 999999999 awhile back but actual CR around 900MM. I bought all new cars from the Show, sold the others cheap. Still fun flipping in AH. I made most mine there as well. I’m Probably going to buy stupid expensive cars and drop price so normal people can buy them. Hopefully some will get in right hands rather than flippers. I always tried to throw a high level tune on the flips too, for making money, might as well get someone something usable. Nothing else to buy so burn it up to keep flipping. Better than Eliminator :^)

Outta curiosity is hitting the 999,999,999 the goal itself? I’m still curious why people want to save up forza money with nohing to spend it on.

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Just a bit of fun.

I’ve reached the point where the ‘lifetime earnings’ is 999,999,999 but my current balance is ~650m. I recently bought a 20m car from the auction house which I didn’t end up liking so I sold it, and only got a little over a million as I couldn’t set a higher price. I still feel bad about wasting the money even though I don’t need it and it isn’t real. lol.


It goes back to pinball machines, people always wanted to clock them to their limit!

I’m also on the “I just don’t understand” side. Just seems sorta like taking all the monopoly money out of as many games boxes as you can and calling yourself rich. I guess we all have different ideas of fun, haha. FWIW, I am more of a credit dumper. I routinely go into the Auction House, buy up a few expensive cars and put them right back up for bare minimums. I like to believe I am getting the cars into the hands of more players. But really, I’m probably just donating to all the credit hoarders.


For me personally, after completing everything in the game, I started trying to get to 999,999,999 credits as a side challenge.

The Festival Playlists only last an hour or two each week, so I needed something to keep me entertained.

I think I was @ about 200,000,000 when I started trying to get to “Legendary Painter”, to make my goal that bit easier because as you know, you “could” sell rare duplicate cars for 20m.

So began sharing liveries, but this was very slow going as I was late to the party and the same designs stay at the top as they’ve become the most popular over time.

Even when brand new cars came out, the “Time Travellers” were exploiting this by having their liveries released sometimes weeks before us mere mortals even got the new cars.

I then decided to start sharing tunes. Although the “Time Travellers” still exploited the system and had tunes shared up to 3 weeks before the new cars were available to the rest of us.

I eventually managed to do a little better and after a month or two reached “Legendary Tuner”.

However, not long before I reached “Legendary Tuner”, the AH pricing changed and all my rare, stockpiled duplicate cars were worth peanuts, so I just removed them from my garage rather than sell them and waste one of my daily auction slots.

As it it had taken so long to reach “Legendary Tuner”, I’d already amassed 800,000,000 credits by that time.

So the few rare dupes I’d either won or sniped that would still sell for 20m were sold and a week or so after reaching “Legendary Tuner”, I hit the magic number.

The weird thing was, I still enjoyed selling cars for 20m even though I couldn’t claim the credits back from the AH.

At the moment I have around 100 unclaimed cars in the AH that sold for 20,000,000, which equates to 2 billion?

They will probably expire as I think the max time they can stay there is 60 days.

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Flipping cars is the addition for me. Can’t help myself. But at this point with wonky auction prices, I’m ok doing charitable sales, losing money to let guys that can’t swing huge $ get cool stuff. That’s fun too. Put decent tunes on them, dumb to spend tons of credits then spend more on tunes.

Why, because it’s a goal. Like one-owner cars, or DaReo’s rocking Eliminator. Games within games. Pinball analogy exactly.

Better than dance party and do unto others then run racing. :slight_smile:

Thanks folks for the insightful answers, I can totally get looking at credits as a “high score” like in a pinball game once you bought everything