Alfa Romeo 4C and F-Type

I was recently playing CSR racing on an iPad and the game just got an update adding the Alfa Romeo 4C and The F-Type. Could the car be coming to video games now? Could this car possibly be in the July DLC pack. I don’t understand how a ios game got the 4C and The F-Type before a major racing game like forza did. We just have to wait and see.

Are you sure those cars in the game are licensed?

I’m pretty sure they are, this game is made by a reliable company not just some guy in his house. The company is called NaturalMotion if you want to know

The F-Type has been there for a while. But the 4C was added on June 24th 2014.

The official update notes are:

CSR Racers, 1.8.0 is available to download now!

This latest update comes with the following features:

  • NEW DAILY BATTLES - Race every day for increasing prizes. The best way to earn cash!

  • STREAK RESCUE - Lost a Win Streak in Multiplayer? About to lose your cards and chained RP Boost? The Blogger can help!

  • IN THE SHOWROOM NOW - The Alfa Romeo 4C & 8C, Nismo 400R and the incredible Ford Mustang FR500 GT3!

They added another mustang? Sweet I have the cobra jet on there maxed out and it’s a beast I wanna see the new mustang they added

Before someone else can be a dick aka junior M. …

Are you seriously comparing the graphical and engineering feats of Forza 5 with a mere ios game? Sorry, but 25 year programmer here and it’s just not that simple especially on a new system. COME ON!

I’m not comparing I’m just saying since the 4C is making it’s appearance on video games now is it possible that it will come to forza 5. Calm Down Bro

the 4C has been in games since NFS Most Wanted 2012

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I don’t know where you’re from, but if you’re referring to me, I suggest you quote me and understand that my post is pure sarcasm…

Jetblue dont feed the trolls under the bridge.

Lol okay

Excuse me? Did everyone just skip the first portion of my post? People need to get a sense of humor instead of a brown nose like akra.

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I’m sorry then.

Oh I’m sorry I don’t know that, but be mindful that was the concept car. This is the official 2014 model.

It’s probably because it is a lot easier and quicker to implement a car into a mobile app game than a game the size of Forza. Remember it takes 6 months to build a car in Forza. For an app like CSR, it may only take around a month at most (that’s including testing and debugging). They put a lot of detail into the cars, but not as much as Forza.

We may or may not see a Jag F-Type or Alfa 4C in the next week or 2. But to not turn this into a wishlist, don’t ask for it on here. I think we will eventually see one of these cars, but whether or not it hits FM5 is unknown. They might not hit until FM6 for all we know.

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