AI driving is too perfect

first of all the top 3 are just gone, ahead of everyone.

but that’s not that bothering me as AI is just driving on rails, never making mistakes never braking traction never sliding on the corners never miss brake points.
this means that i always have to upgrade the cars to maximize grip even on cars that i want to keep stock and have to spend money :\
playing on average, if i put above average , guy in first place will just be like 10 seconds ahead of 2nd place.


I’ve always though that AI should be on par with what we run aka, TC off / stability ect… so yeah its a super disadvantage that we turn off assists and they always have them on with also having higher PI and much higher performance with to ease of control. Makes you have to drive harder yeah, but it feels uber unfair when you have to chase them down to the last lap or w/e to barely edge on them. I’d love to watch a AI take a corner a bit to fast and lock up the brakes and overshoot the turn because that would be way more fun to have that level of sportsmanship.

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AI never loses grip at corners because they brake too much. And that is the only way to get past them. In corners. When its straight line, its impossible to catch them.

I still think Flatout has the best AI simply because they make mistakes.

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AI in my game are forever over steering and slamming in to a wall or crashing in to a tree.

I play on above average and I personally find that the AI brakes too early and takes corners slower than they should.

One of the worse traits I have found with the AI is they have no etiquette when you are lapping them as they never pull to one side to let you pass. I played a 15 lap race the other day where I lapped up to 4th place and not one of them had the courtesy to let me pass.

I think it’s a matter of consistency, I’m at expert setting and some races I completely destroy them and others they are a good challenge but only because of that “drive on rails” effect they operate.


I have the Ai difficulty set to the 2nd highest and still win by 2-5 seconds on average. You might just need to lower the difficulty until you get better.
I’ve seen the Ai get sideways and ram me and each other a few times and they always over brake and brake too early.

Don’t forget the AI is based on real peoples performance, So if your friends or people you play with are really good driver i.e, staying on track , avoiding rails etc then this is how the AI should perform.

And on the flip if they drive badly like always going of track, colliding or even spinning out this will be apparent in game also. I seem to have a general mix of things in my game on par with the AI in previous titles

I disagree with this. A few of my friends that aren’t good are actually some of the drivatars running way faster times than they run in real life. I think the game just slaps a random gamer tag on a random AI character to pretend like you’re racing against a friend.

Playing on Pro, all assists off except damage, this is something that has bothered me too. My POV is neutral. Almost like luck, sigh in relief when it’s easy, get burned when it’s not. Never played previous Forzas except 1 so I don’t know what’s the norm and I found 1 hard, never finished it.

Most singleplayer races I run for the career mode are (thankfully) manageable provided you don’t make too many panic mistakes or brake too late, but usually at the lower classes and on-road. I don’t dare play S1/S2/X999 because of the control - it don’t matter if muscle, tuner, exotic. Anything with big power and no TC/STM will wheelspin to hell and back. But that’s physics so I can accept that.

Think 2 or 3 races in Surfer’s Paradise had me restarting god knows how many times yet I could never get in front. Is the ‘rubberband detection’ on any Horizon Edition car based on its default HE spec with big power and high speed? When I downgraded a HE Viper back to stock engine and most stock parts, a Chevy SS !!4-door!! of all things would blast past me while I’m in a draft about to slingshot and I’d never catch up. But then it’s still ?S1? class, even a standard SRT-10 can’t go down to A or less, and being in the same class with half the power is virtual suicide. Yet if you reset it to default HE upgrades, you can’t handle it in a tight circuit while AI runs effortlessly past you.

I gave up and came dead-last twice accepting the results to get some credits/XP at least. I tried again later (forgot if same or different car, maybe a standard non-bonus Viper that was stock?) and suddenly I was (at least fighting it out, not sailing) in front. Almost as if the game demanded that I must “lose a few times no matter what, even if it’s not a multiplayer race”.

At least those were cars on asphalt. I know there was one particular SUV trail race also in that area, you jump into the lake twice or thrice I think, I went in with a stock Urus (so now the rubberband is not supposed to go too crazy) but never made it to first. Forgot if I restarted enough to get just one run to first, or if I made do with a lower placing (or gave up completely), and continued with career mode racing other events. I admit repeated severe mistakes on throttle and racing line, but I blame that on my own frustration due to the restarts (and my controller failing to detect my turning inputs, because of me pressing the buttons harder in frustration).

The Midnight Battle for the M3 was another one that made me really fed up too. I got lucky with that one, didn’t restart too much (felt like 10 to 20), but I never would have won it if I used some big-turbo street car that can’t launch or turn or used something lower (e.g. S1 or A class). Haven’t done too many street races.

I do see AI cars screw up, but for me it’s rare. Sometimes they let me pass, sometimes not. And when the game prompts me to bump it up to Unbeatable? Please NO! I’m not going to torture myself when people play games to relax and have fun! FM6A Yas Marina with the Atoms was hell to me as it is. :frowning:

I can still manage for now, just several races in valley/outback area I can’t do because of the game hanging in these places.

First 3 guys are always ahead because they don’t have to overtake 12 other guys its clear road for them… and yeah its annoying especially when ai goes into perfect mode and drives 300km/h over water without slowing down/spinning etc. also AI always uses traction control so if you turn it off and you drive high powered RWD car your in trouble, but i must admit i never seen them spin or hit wall they are perfect all the time aside from breaking way too early, they are also very happy to ram me and when im closely behind them they just break so you have to hit them.


Sometimes looks like the only objective of AI is ruin your race, one break or close your way and other hit you until you spin. On high levels I need to restart the race dozen of times, until have a chance.


WHAT??? I play on high skilled and haven’t lost a race yet. I got the warning message to change to expert but it’s hard and not fun. TC, Stability is off.

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I hate to be that “Git gud” guy but AI driving is not “too perfect”. I’ve found there is an inverse relationship between the amount of mistakes they make and the difficulty you’re playing on (as it should be). Yes they do have Better grip around corners, and yes they don’t reset if they miss a checkpoint but they are far from “too perfect”. I play with no assists and on Pro/Unbeatable difficulty (Depending on the car I have vs the terrain I will be on) and have won every race so far. Oh and I’m always using S1/S2 cars.

If you guys would like, give me one of the races that you think the AI is “too perfect” on and I’ll record my gameplay on Unbeatable with no assists.

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Yeah I have to agree, I know 2 posts back I said expert was too hard but I think I just got a bad race while playing on it. Now I’m on unbeatable and still haven’t been beat yet with no assists. I think all those hours of Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally really help because this game is easy. You guys should try racing in Assetto corsa with no assists, you probably wouldn’t even be able to keep the car on the tarmac. Just keep practicing, I can assure the AI isn’t perfect.

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I play assetto corsa and dirt rally allot to and I’m playing on expert and find it mostly easy, I think driving sims helped allot with throttle and getting the right line, it’s not always best to take the apex sometimes you need to turn in late and prepare 2 corners ahead for a big straight.

Try to finish first a race in unbeatable difficulty, with a steering wheel, without assistances and we’ll talk…
I also played in Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, as well as to other simulation (always without assistance and I’m not bad on these games) and frankly FH3 Ai is too aggressive… For me it is impossible, I had to go down the difficulty to “Clever” or “very good”… ^^

AC gameplay on Nurburgring Tourist.

It’s just annoying that they can literally pin us up against a wall or t-bone push us and have no ability to stop it. I hate playing with rewind on but its almost impossible to play w/o on H3. the AI’s are like immovable objects that have the power of gods to do there will against you and they feel very unbalanced at higher diff, hell we can’t even fight back by giving them a bump because it sends us to china or something while they are still on there line of travel.


The main problem I have with it is that if you play without assists, the ai has perfect launches, which means that if you don’t tear off the line instantly, the ones behind you pass you and the ones in front of you just get a free pass way up front. The other thing is that they are totally immovable. You can’t push back, they just get glued to their line regardless of where you are or anything and will push you out of the way every time. They drive so well until you pass them and then once you pass them, former first place drops back to fifth like they suddenly forgot how to drive.

The biggest problem is launches for me though.

Another thing that really sucks is how they brake super early and they ride the brakes for an hour too and a lot of times you can end up glued to their ass without a way to get around them… but it’s those freaking launches.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] annoying its a no win situation literally, they can bump but you can’t.

For anyone who doesn’t think there is a problem, there is. It’s the same glitch that affected FM6 where some AI are a much higher difficulty than they should be. There is less issue in higher levels but it’s still there. It’s also random so it’s hard to replicate. I’ve done the same race, same car and same difficulty several times and had the same AI go from unbeatable to easy beat.