Adjust "assisted" sensitivity and on/off while racing

Forza has done a fantastic job at making FH5 accessible to disabled players. I have a suggestion that might make us a little more competitive with the drivatars. Regarding “assisted steering” and “assisted braking”, provide the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the assists and the ability to turn it off or on mid-race (e.g. by pressing the X button).

Mate we have the same issue with no assists. The solution which would work for all is to scale the AI difficulty based on the player(s) or allow the player(s) to adjust the AI difficulty. Unfortunately PGG set the AI difficulty for all players in many cases such as the weekly trial.


Man, I’m perfectly healthy, and the drivatars are pain to compete against. They’re just straight up broken.


I would love to see more accessibility options. My brother can’t hold a controller like able people such as myself. I bought him the accessibility controller and the logitech accessibility buttons. They work but still need more fine tuning. He uses the right analog for both steering and gas and brake. When it comes to slowing down in corners you cannot turn and gas at the same time.

Unfortunately PGG won’t listen, otherwise we’d be playing against “Above Average” at best; not the “Highly Skilled” robots that slice through water like terminator.

You know what? They should add the autopilot feature and just click that and than the only thing is to watch like in the cinema!