Add "car ticket" that works in car collection menu to Forzathon Shop weekly (FH5)

Disclaimer: I’m only playing FH5 at the time so I don’t know if this is actual for other games.

I’d like to offer a new item for Forzathon Shop - “car ticket”. A ticket that allows you to buy one car from car collection menu. Including those cars you can’t buy from the car shop directly, excluding car collection bonus cars, and, maybe, exclusive reward cars for specific accolades and/or expeditions and/or DLC reward cars - stuff you’d get normally as you play. Primarily for cars you cannot be obtained through “normal” means.

To make it balanced, I suggest the following extra conditions for this ticket:

  1. Ticket is only available in limited quantities on a weekly basis in forzathon shop. For example: if player has emote or car or clothes offered through the shop, they can buy a car ticket instead of that item.
  2. There is a limited supply of tickets per week (to make people come back for more).
  3. Make it expensive, so players have to play Arcade games to earn tickets.
  4. Make it work from car collection menu so people can pick a car they don’t already have.

The goal is to make it possible to get all cars in the game, while also giving players a reason to use AH (currently, it has zero offers for these exclusive, impossible to obtain cars, so it’s not helping).

I stopped playing for 3 months, I came back for DLC, played for a while and I am on the verge of giving up on this game again.
I have over 700 unique cars, I’m missing around 20 or something from the 3 seasons I’ve skipped. It would be great to JUST have “any car” ticket in forzathon weekly shop.

Or you could unlock previous seasons so I could replay the seasons I’ve missed at a later time and add the cars I’m missing. Would be fun and would occupy me for a while.

I haven’t played with other people in FH5 so I can’t speak for their desires, hopes and dreams. So I speak for myself.