Achievements not working

For some reason achievements are not working for me. I only have one and that was when I first started the game back in May. I have shared a photo and done a couple other things. How do you “test drive any car”? I do not see that in the menus of the game anywhere. I have also equipped different badges and visited the Forza Hub, still nothing.

Free race → Tuning → press the button (or Y if you are using a controller) to test drive the tune

Drive a little bit, press start and leave the race, that should pop the achievement.

If this won’t work there’s something completely messed up, but I hope this will help you.

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Yeah, just tried it, nothing happening. Not sure why this isn’t working. The Xbox App knows the game is installed and I launch it from there.
Edit - I also just noticed that my up to date medals are not showing also. Xbox only shows I have 23 medals when I have 34.

Same exact issues here. Totally fresh install on Win10 1607, none of the services disabled and none of the telemetry blocking software from the internet. Just got drivers installed, downloaded Apex from the Store, opened the Xbox app and ran the game. I do stuff and it never keeps track and has never shown anything about getting achievements. It has tracked progress in one instance of the game launching, pretty sure it was the first time, and never again.

I also dont get notified in game of achievements popping but when I go to true achievemtns they show there. For some reason some people dont get a popup when an achievement is completed.

I hope this isn’t a sign in how FH3 will work on the PC. I guess I might have toggle playing on both for the achievements to show up if it does. It should work out of the proverbial box though.