Achievements in PC version

I am about to finish career mode in Forza 7 and I just realized that it is not unlocking the last achievements for me. For example, I’m trying to unlock the “No Equals” achievement, which is finishing a race with all Porsche cars and the achievement rate is stuck at %27.59 and no matter what I do, the rate doesn’t go up. I also tried to unlock the “Italian Tuning” achievement, which is to race the Ferrari FXX K at Muguello and it didn’t unlock it either. Did it happen to someone else?


Make sure you are on the right track variant.

It’s not just that achievement, I’ve completed almost all the elite mode championships and the achievements didn’t trigger either.

Hey, new on here. My question is … If I get a CD KEY for the game and install it. Will all my info from my Series X show up on my PC?