Accolades - “Tuned To Perfection” (3907677)

Trying to do the “Tuned To Perfection” Accolade where a car needs to win a race with custom tuning applied. I’ve won races many times in the past with custom tuning and even with the achievement pinned, nothings seeming to work.

Are you still experiencing this issue? You will need to complete a Road Racing event with a tuned car. If you are doing other types of races it may not unlock.

If possible could you open a ticket with our support team and include a video of your attempt?

This is part of the weekly challenge, and you need to drive the BMW X5 M ( The normal one ) and upgrade it, and win the race.
At least that`s when it completed for me. BMW X5 M in Forza Horizon 5

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Having the same issue.

Wrote a ticket, today it was fixed and my car is finally starting to reckon with tuning

@thebuh are you still experiencing this issue after the June 20th update?

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The issue still persists. Even when pinning the accolade the first checkbox, for “Car has custom tuning applied”, still doesn’t tick regardless for whichever tuning I have done.

For other accolades in the same category driving the appropriate car would tick the box.

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I have the same problem. I think i tried everything to do this accolade and nothing seems to work

I got the same problem with this accolade.

I have tried everything to get this accolade. Nothing works.


Same problem here.

Exclusive winter accolades?

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This problem still exist… i have it and i don’t know what else i can try to make it.


+1. Have tried everything I could, but it still helps nothing… Which ticket is tracking this issue?


@T10ManteoMax I think we still meet this issue with current version…

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I am also having this problem, i have raised a report but not recieved a fix


I also have this issue. While looking at it with a friend I noticed that I have complete the “Tinker Tuner Road Racer” accolade - the same, just complete instead of win, but not the “Tuned to Perfection” one. My friend have completed both.

Could this be related to the first accolade being completed, which prevents the second from triggering?
Anyways looking forward to a fix.

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Can you share some of your gamertags to better help us investigate this issue?

Thank you,

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I’ve got the same issue, if it can help, my gamer tag is : Maxus Br0wn1ng

We Play on the same console my son and I, he got those already done (don’t know when) but me, I’m not able to finish it, it miss me the two accolade of road race :unamused:

IIRC, there’re another two accolades in other catalog could not been achieved which is also related to “tuning” … I will post these accolade titles if I get a chance to find them…