About PO cars and Horizon anniversary

Hello everyone at Turn 10 and Playground Games. What I’m going to write is only my personal opinion. I’m a big Forza fan and what started all this for me was the Motorsport 4, the best Forza overall in my humble opinion, followed by Horizon 3. But in Horizon 4 (a great game but far away from Horizon 3) what I saw was a succession of great moments alternating with bugs and bad decisions, at least for me, like Lego expansion… Then comes the Horizon anniversary and as a celebration gift you gave the rarest, almost unobtainable PO cars, to only a few people and what we get? Another bugged playlist to celebrate… You had a great opportunity to make everyone happy and surprised at least for a moment… But all this bad situation had a good side. After this last bug, I put Horizon 4 on a hold for a moment and began to play those old Forza games again (Horizon 1, 2 and 3) and even bought the first ones (Motorsport 1, 2 and 3). What a great experience I’m having with them. An awesome experience. You made history with all those games. Congratulations on that! And I recommend you to do the same thing I did. Play all your old Forza games, and extract all the extraordinaire things you did and put on this and all of next Forza’s in the future. You could make Horizon 5 and Motorsport 8 the best Forza games off all time. You did that in the past. It’s up to you. Thank you for all the great moments I had with all those games. And happy anniversary!


Many people received there rewards from watching tve stream , i ve received nothing !

I wish I had known about this stream with the giveaway. Where did they announce it was going to happen or at least where did you hear about it from?

I saw it on Facebook.

Exactly my thoughts. They had to fire all good people or changed some big boss.

It was posted on here as well. I think in the TorbenTuesday thread. It helps to check these threads every few days or so. Doesn’t take but a minute.

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I check nearly every day, and I still missed it.

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Hello. On September 23, a stream dedicated to the new Forza Horizon 4 update went to Mixer. Just a few minutes after the stream ended, I learned that watching it would be the Mercedes AMG-GT PO and Nissan GTR PO awards. I found out about the stream itself late and could not get on its broadcast. Today, many players were sent these machines in the form of in-game gifts. Is there any other way to get these cars? I play with the release and it was really a shame so stupid to miss them. Thank you in advance.

I linked my account and watched the 3 hours of streaming and won nothing so far = x

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This sums up FH4 entirely.


Currently the gifting is being handled by Turn10. From my knowledge, everyone should have received their cars by now.
To receive the gifts, your Microsoft account must have been linked to your Mixer account (in the “Account” settings) & watched the Forza Monthly (the PG stream doesn’t count) on the 23rd September.
Watching a VOD doesn’t count too.

If you haven’t received the cars, but have proof that your accounts were linked. Please contact the support site.

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Well I did watch it live and haven’t got it, so it’s my and other players’s word against yours? I didn’t record me watching the stream nor anything as I never had any problems regarding rewards and gifts before, so I didn’t even worry about it, and I already submitted a ticket saying everything I could to help the team to find a solution. I linked my Microsoft account to the Mixer for the first time before the forzamonthly live stream starts and all the XP/level I have there is from the stream if you guys can check that.

Btw, some players received 2 of each car while some received nothing, so clearly the system T10 created to handle it is not perfect at all.

I want proof that you guys sent it correctly then Lmao

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I didn’t receive the cars, but I checked my Mixer Account. Is says “Unlink your Microsoft Account", so I assume that means I’m already linked. I couldn’t find anything on “watching history”… does anyone know if something like this exists?

Yeah, me too. I haven’t found anything of the sort. If anyone knows how to find it, please tell us.

The cars are received via the in-game message centre. (Menu > Horizon Life > Message Centre > Gifts).

You’re Microsoft account linked to your Mixer should be the same email/account linked with your Xbox account.
If you still haven’t received the cars, please submit a ticket to the support site as they can look into your Gamertag

ya, looks like a lot people didn’t receive, I hope it will work out for us with the ticket

I figure I’ll give it another few days to see if it pops up in the Message Center… Hate to put a ticket in just to have the cars show up an hour later.

That was my thought, too, but it’s already been a few days since they all went out, so I opened a ticket. We’ll see what kind of proof they need; I seriously doubt many people take screenshots of themselves watching a stream. If that’s required, that’s ridiculous.

Yea I got both Cars twice.
Lucky me i guess.