about metrical and imperial units options

ever since i started playing forza( with motorsport 3)one thing always bugged me, the fact that in my country we use KPH for speed and HP for power but there’s never been a choice, you either go MPH and HP or KPH and KW, so i would like for turn 10 to add this (relatively)simple choice to horizon 5


We asked them to do this when FH4 came out, they just ignored it. Maybe they will listen this time but don’t get your hopes up.

It’s just metric. Metrical is a literary term, and does not pertain to units of measurement.

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i am speaking about the only two options of units in the settings of forza which are named imperial and metric

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They know, they’re just being pedantic.

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For me, it’s the speed and distance one I want more options with. I work in MPH and Miles…the game gives me MPH but then gives me Km as a distance, so i’d be happy if they gave more choices rather than 2 locked down options


please Playground Games, add this simple option in the game, I use KPH and HP and there’s no way to use both at the same time and it’s so annoying

Here in the UK we use Miles and MPH, but fuel is sold in Litres. I’d like to be able to have the speed showing in MPH but the car weights in kilos.

Hahaha, each time I take a look at stats of my newly tuned monster, I multiply power by 1.3 to get a power value I “feel” (I’m on metric system, but at the same time I use HP and I don’t know literally anyone who would use kW in general until he’s an engineer needing consistent unit system for design process). I could say I’m used to it, but in fact it is annoying. For me, at least the power value could be presented with both units at once (kW/HP) if additional option is a problem.

Tbh who really measures in kW apart from physicians? I’ve always been disturbed by the metric/imperial option, give us more options…


Hey since in FH5 you can choose it you want KW or HP, how can i change NM to ft-lbs ?