A total Newbie who Needs Help, Please!

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you can help me. I am a total newbie to gaming and sim racing. I got Forza Horizon 4, and I have just started. I selected my car and have been riding around the countryside forever…for 4 1/2 hours and I can’t seem to progress. My Influence points are still 1,000 after the first day of play. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong or how to progress. And to boot, everything is locked for me. I can’t seem to get into any races. It’s like I’m just driving around the countryside. Any help would be most appreciated.

You need to do races. In map mode you should be able to see where all of the events are. Set a route to them then drive there and complete the event. You’re in the qualifying year of 4 seasons and have to earn XP / Influence points to progress to the next season. Once you’ve done a whole year you’ll then have access to the Festival playlist and online racing.

Good luck.

BTW try collecting all of the fast travels boards as you drive around. Driving around to races soon becomes tedious and you’ll want to fast travel (for free if you collect all boards and buy Fairlawn Manor).

Also, have you gone into your messages? There should be a whole heap of free cars to download. Make sure to download rather than just deleting the message.

Thank you, PandemicBow2072, for answering my question. I really appreciate it.

I was just wondering…When you said that I am in the year of qualifiying, do you mean I have to drive around getting those blue flaggy things at different locations for a year?

What’s a fast travel board? I can’t seem to do anything that plot routes and drive around to them. Everything else is locked.

Thanks for any help you can provide me.

By year it’s progressing through the four seasons by gaining influence, starting with summer. To gain influence there should be a race to complete as well as pr stunts. I think there is also a story that becomes available which provides influence when you complete the chapters. As you complete items new ones show up.

There are sandwich boards around the map that provide influence or discount the fast travel fee when you break them. Getting the fast travel boards early is good advice. You can fast travel to the festival site through the cars menu tab for free before collecting them

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Also, you should be able to have Anna set a route to an event to get influence. On the d pad press down and there’s an option for needing more influence. If you’re using a pc there should be an option listed on screen.

If I recall correctly, at the start there will be one race event that you can do, situated at the Festival site. Once complete, it then opens up other events

The Fast Travel and Bonus Boards are scattered around the map…you need to search for them, or buy the Treasure Map, or do a search on the internet for the locations


It takes a fair bit of time and grind but this is definitely worth doing. I didn’t bother with the treasure map I just used the internet. Finding some of the last few boards thou once you get down to single digits can be hard work thou (even thou you have a reference map).

Influence boards also give you quite a lot of influence esp the larger ones.

Skills and skill chains in your car will give you influence along with the season playlist, Super 7 and online adventure etc.

I find it’s fairly easy to progress though the game via influence you just have to play it and engage with large parts of it which is all part of the fun!

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Yeah, the last few can be a pain…working out some are in tunnels, the Board on top of the cottage required a YT video to find out how to do it and which vehicle, the Church one was perplexing till the Ramp opened up

I should remember more of this since I only did it in February but to unlock the first 4 seasons I’m pretty sure it points you to specific events…you have to do at least one Showcase (the hovercraft in Fall, I think) and to get past summer, the bar is low but you need to unlock the road racing tree? Or maybe do the first road race and first dirt race? At some point, there’s a cross country event and you get a Range Rover SVR on rally/snow tires gifted…I think that’s spring and the last scripted season. I do know, I didn’t find it that arduous and did it in a couple of nights but there were definitely some required events.

Look for new events on the map and do those.

Tip: Find a good blueprint-race (like mine from Princess Street) and race them.
Easiest way to earn money & skillpoints

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