A map thats not far off the size of the crew in future?

Is this even possible?? Seems with car games u either get good physics and graphics or a big map. I love freeroam… its 2 small lol. M.b dlc id actualy want :slight_smile:

Might be possible if they optimize their code well enough.

I hope they do. Bigger is better and all that :slight_smile:

Its not always about how big it is, but how well populated and variation within the map. Would anyone really want a map 1000s of square miles if all it contained was flat bland landscape and poker straight roads ?


TBH the ideal car game map should have both: size, diversity, and good physics so we can actually enjoy driving in it.

The map was the one thing in The Crew that impressed me. The ability to cruise for hours without driving on the same road twice was just amazing, if only the physics and graphics lived up to it.

The big map = bad physics thing is extremely frustrating to me.

The Crew’s map + FH2 physics would be the closest thing to videogame cruising nirvana.


I totally agree. When the Crew started promoting with a free 2 hour demo I was thrilled as I had not yet bought the game. I played the demo for fifteen minutes or so and found so many things lacking or a complete failure that I uninstalled and haven’t looked back. I was glad I had not bought it.

I hate to say it but is this gonna become a wishlist…


Probably, but lets wait and see

I agree with your definition of large being variety. At least it feels like H2 has more track varieties than FM5 and FM4 put together. Nice alone could support a game. That’s right it does.

I really think that if they released storm island with about fifty cars and called it a game it would sell.
Also bigger is better… to a point. Then you either end up with:

or huge downloads and loading times. On my PS3 500GB would be about forty games (my PS3 is only 60GB)
so when I got a 500GB Xbox One I thought that that was huge. And with five games it is over half full…

I love freeroam to thats why I was a big fan of the origianal test drive game but I’d rather have better physics and graphics over map size though it is a close one :slight_smile:

Having a map the size of the Crew would absolutely suck. The Crew is a terrible game. I play it on PC at ultra graphics settings at 60fps (locked) and I can honestly say Horizon 2 still looks better. I’d rather have a smaller map that is more detailed. When you stop and look around the Crew you wish you hadn’t. Playground did a great job with Horizon 2.

Ultimate game has:
FH2/FM5 graphics
Asphalt 8’s level of entertainment (literally everything is bright and colourful)
GT6’s level of variety
The Crew’s map
PC’s race cars

You end up with a 1600, 90 track game with a giant openworld as well. Problems:

  1. Which console to release it on? Some of the companies are only console exclusives…
  2. How to get them all to work together…
  3. Cars modeled from 2003 with cars modelled this year.

Even if I go back on topic, with a game just with Turn 10/Playground…
3. Space
4. How to run it without crashing a console.
5. How the fruitcake to emulate it in a few years time (I like emulators)
6. Licensing cost.
7. Time (forza games are released every other year…)

And 100 others that someone with actual computer experience could point out (I am not good with laptops)

I think it has to be a balance between the size of the map and how detailed and well populated it is.

Horizon 1 had a great level of detail but was too small and point to point in road layout, TDU 2 and the Crew were the opposite with some great map sizes but they feel too sparse.

As much as I like some of the detail and features in the Horizon 2 map, I spend a lot of time in the game and am getting more and more bored by the same roads over and over again.

There were lots of rumours of a 3rd section appearing in an expansion to be added to France and Italy - Switzerland. Whilst it seems fairly feasible that Switzerland was considered as a third part to the map, I think the rumours of the new section being linked to the current map through the Stelvio Pass and the addition of snow coverage is the where the Chinese whispers come in.