A Forum Divided: What exactly has happened to the FH5 Discussion board?

I’ve been on the Forum for quite a while now & would consider myself a pretty active member. Like most, I’ve expressed my share of frustrations, had opposing views on topics, conflicting opinions, etc, which is understandably a part of this type of environment, but through all that & regardless of what your opinion of me might be, I’ve always tried to be respectful & a positive contributor for the community overall.

It’s pretty much just been part of my daily routine to check in here & see what’s happening with the game & community in general, which has historically been pretty positive imo. Lately, however…
It seems there has been a shift in the dynamic of the Forum. Sure, there’s always been toxic rhetoric from time to time, which is usually short lived & corrected fairly quickly, but more recently, there seems to be a trend toward negativity & polarizing responses which quickly gain traction & just grow from there. That feeling of community & support seems to be slipping away & being replaced by more focus on the above.

For me, it’s pretty disheartening to see this happening more frequently & seems to just be dividing the community even further apart. I’ve seen a lot less participation from some of the historically active members & find myself stepping back somewhat as well, given the current climate. It’s also understandable that some of the attrition is due in part to the game’s age, but I think some of it is just members who have had enough & just don’t want to be involved in the drama anymore.

I was also hesitant to create this topic as I realize that it could likely fuel more of the same, but the point of all this was merely an effort to try to bring some attention to it & hopefully open up a respectful discussion around it, to possibly help improve it in some way. Is it just me & I’m completely off base? Maybe, but definitely feels different to me these days; so what do you think?

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, sorry for the length & thanks for listening to my ramblings fwiw.


perhaps but maybe I just block out the crap or don’t look in the places where it occurs and am too old for it to really bother me as I see it’s just external nonsense

you’re okay as far as I’m concerned, definitely someone who is capable of discussion - a forum member with whom I am happy to interact

can be difficult to ignore the idiots, I get that

maybe I should post more than I did, though I increased recently because I regained “regular” having lost it for a bit


Not been here long, but have to agree with you, hopefully it’s the hot weather, best way is as you say ignore it, not worth the response, it’s a shame that some just wanna wallow in negativity, give me rainbows and unicorns :rofl: well, maybe not that far! :joy:

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T10 reaped what they sowed. Over-promised and under-delivered. This franchise is a shadow of its former self. Most critique is justifiable.

EDIT: didn’t realize the tag was for Horizon and not Motorsport. Take it all back.

couldnt agree more

I would personally just like a forum of fair, rational, competent and honest people who are genuinely interested in the game, it really is and always has been that simple with me, just be straightforward, don’t put on a false front and basically just be alright.


Good days and bad days. People have moods and sometimes don’t have a good handle on expressing things positively 100% of the time. I know I get abrasive once in a while and sometimes get caught up in it. I do hear when people call me out on it though. I’ve even stepped up and apologized and admitted when I’ve been wrong. I don’t personally notice a divided forum as I tend to skip topics that don’t interest me or barely go beyond the first couple posts in any given thread.

So. My apologies.


I’m always here for rainbows and unicorns lol


Definitely appreciate you saying this and really hope nobody brings negativity to this thread and maybe, just maybe, we can restore some peace and humanity around here


What irks me is when people have a “that doesn’t affect me so I’m going to dismiss your complaint” attitude that I see a lot.

In another thread I lamented (for the 100th time) my dislike of the FOMO time limited cars and someone replied “well the FOMO is self imposed”, that doesn’t really foster conversation. I try my best to attack the issue but not other’s opinions, unless they are dismissive of others or seem very off base to me.


How about people that make unwarranted assumptions? Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they’re dismissing your opinion because it doesn’t affect them.


I do my best to have good faith arguments and see where the person person is coming from with their complaint, I would never say “well that’s a you problem” to someone raising an issue about cars, graphics, online play, livery editor, tracks etc. unless it’s something unreasonable like if someone made 20 posts vehemently demanding a batmobile or motorcycle, likely not going to happen, but if I post a complaint about an issue with the game and get a “well you don’t need that feature” or similar reply, where am I assuming from that type of reply. I don’t go out of my way to shoot down complaints or ideas especially when it doesn’t affect my playing of the game, that’s what I am saying about comments/attitudes that I don’t think make productive forums.


Perhaps it wasn’t anyone’s intent to be condescending in the thread in question, but when you’re not there to hear the person’s tone of voice, choice of words is incredibly important on the internet, and I found many people’s choice of words, particularly a certain group of individuals, to be rather poor. Especially when they kept trying to put words in other users’ mouths and were very clearly not reading the whole thread as it developed. I probably rewrote the same points five times to several different individuals who obviously didn’t read everyone’s prior posts in the thread before commenting something that usually involved a point that was never even brought up.

We may be speaking online rather than in person, and I know it’s impossible to expect everyone online to be respectful, but please, even if you have a dissenting opinion and think its one of the best opinions in the world, respond with tact, and better yet, reread your post a few times before publishing. I know I’ve been guilty of posting comments with my heart and not with my brain, and those are usually some of the worst comments that I have ever posted and wish I could take back.


I think there’s some good points being made here, though I honestly can’t keep up with some of the references to other’s previous comments.


Tomalak and Runoff are presumably refering to the FOMO discussion and what for example I said about having every single car in the “Thank you and good bye” thread.

Then I better don’t comment. :sunglasses:


There’s only one regular on this forum with an ego and superiority complex, and you sided with him in the last thread Bravo made.

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I didn’t say the person with the ego was you.

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As a non-native speaker I’m writing and reading in/from context. Don’t know if that is a common thing about non-native speakers. If I offended anyone anytime - I’m sorry :bowing_man:


You make good points about the culture and although I am not up to speed on the drama, I do think that we have had certain things get out of hand recently.

I think that the perceived anonymity of the internet does give people license to be more forthright and confrontational with their opinions in comparison to real life.

With the risk of offending some people, these types of people were traditionally and derogatorily called “Keyboard Warriors” because they were always up for a battle whilst safely positioned behind their keyboard. This was an issue 20-30 years ago and is still an issue now.

It’s good to have differing opinions and have honest discussions otherwise it would be a bunch of back-slapping nonsense like you get on places like LinkedIn

We all have our opinions on things and that is to be encouraged as long as things don’t get personal or we get to a point where people are dismissing others opinions without merit.

I’m a very opinionated person and have my opinions on many things, some are popular opinions, some not so much but at no point (well, probably once with someone wanting a fully AI created FH6) have I ever told someone that they were wrong to have a certain opinion

Discuss, disagree, debate all you want but respect people’s opinions. I am always willing to explain why I think something and if people agree with me then great, if not then I respect that but there does seem to be people who can’t get beyond the “my way or no way” thinking


No need to worry. For what it’s worth, you haven’t offended me in the past as far as I know.