a few things

So collecting all fast travel boards will only let you travel to your bought houses? in FH4 one could travel to anywhere on the the map - please tell me that this will be unlocked later on.

Auctionhouse - Selling a car there is not very satisfying, the Buy Now price is locked to only go so far down… so is minimum price, so if I want to sell a car I bought by mistake - its almost impossible to get rid of, people won´t even by it at minimum. Make sale price free! WTH is it locked!

Force feedback settings - Thrustmaster TX, for some reason the FF settings are not visible for me on the this early stage of the game - why does that need to be unlocked!?

One of the houses you buy lets you fast travel anywhere.


Force Feedback settings are under ‘Advanced Controls’ in the menu, which can be accessed from the Press Start screen before you even load the game.


Fast travel works exactly as FH4 once you buy the West Coast house.

I actually found the Fast Travel boards quite easy to smash once I found them - the only harder ones where the two rooftop ones but even those weren’t that challenging. I am sure FH4 travel boards were harder (or some where) to smash but I might be wrong.

Houses are also a lot cheaper in FH5. I remember really having to grind to get the 15 mil for that Castle in Edinburgh and even Bamburugh was 10 mil I think. Most expensive in FH5 is 5 mil.


I could be wrong, but I think races in FH5 pay out substantially less than they did in FH4 (though it has been a long time since I played it, so I could be wrong), so even though the houses are waaay cheaper, it still takes forever to get anywhere.

You aren’t wrong…I have noticed that completing one of the “normal” races (ie not user generated) gives out maybe 20k in credits…pretty sure FH4 gave out more than that

If you unlock and complete the first stage of the street race festival you’ll unlock the ability to buy the house on the west coast. It costs 2 million and gives you access to fast traveling anywhere. With the 50 boards it’s free, with 0 it’s 10k.

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