A few gripes, nothing major I suppose......

Okay been playing Forza 7 from the 1st minute it released in the U.K. And pretty much haven’t stopped, I’m actually starting to forget what my kids look like as I’ve been so engrossed in it, anyway after several hours of playing I’ve noticed a few issues that really could do with being rectified:

1- MIRROR SHAKE, who on earth came up with this idea needs SHOT! Now I can understand the interior mirror shaking a tiny bit, but the external mirrors shake like they are in an earthquake, the wobble on the M4 is RIDICULOUS!! It’s getting to the stage now where I’m feeling myself being drawn to watching mirror wobble and not where I’m actually going!

2- LIGHTS, why oh why do the rear lights appear on in a wet race but the headlights are off?!? We really need an option for turning headlights on in races. I did a race yesterday in the rain and I couldn’t see a thing as their were no headlights, next race it was bright and sunny, my headlights were ON?!? This needs to be sorted.

3- GYMKHANA FOCUS, again the mirror shake is terrible, which annoyed me more on this car as they have went to the hassle of implementing shakey mirrors and wipers but haven’t bothered to emulate the driver shifting gear? I genuinely thought this car was paddle shift as the driver doesn’t reach for the sequential shifter, but nope, I watched the drivers hand and no movement for paddle shift either.

4- HOMOLIGATION, I’m really not feeling the new car performance system, I prefer the old PI system, that’s just my personal preference tho.

However it isn’t all bad from me, I personally LOVE the new career mode, it’s actually forced me to drive a lot of cars that in previous Forza’s I would have avoided like the plague.

At first I wasn’t keen on the way you need to collect cars to improve tier level etc, but it is actually making me want to play to move up levels and so far has kept me in career mode instead of my usual “career is boring me after 10 mins now, lets play free play”.

All in all, I am relatively happy with the game, if the few niggles mentioned above were sorted I would be happy as a pig in the proverbial.

Again this is just what I’m feeling so far,

Thanks for reading.

I’ve noticed that the mirror shake has been bothering a lot of poeple. It’s all personal preference I suppose but I quite like it as it adds a lot more sense of speed and immersion, something that FM6 was missing. However, I too feel it needs to be toned down just a slight bit.

I’m guessing the reason the rear lights are on and the front lights aren’t is simply because the front lights don’t need to be on but it helps if the rear lights are on so you can see the car ahead of you far more clear through the spray it’s kicking up.

The Homologation system I much prefer over FM6’s PI system. It’s made racing more competitive, closer and fair.

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Rear rain lights are required in many race series. It just appears that T10 have made it standard across all cars.

Not been too put off by shaking yet - wish you hadn’t mentioned it. I’ll be staring at the damn things from now on lol

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Honestly I had played it for hours and hadn’t noticed, then whilst using the M4 on Mapple Valley it caught my attention and I haven’t taken my eye off it since lol.

The mirror shake would bother me if it was slightly less exaggerated, as it stands just now tho it is slightly over the top.

The head lights ARE needed tho, the race I had yesterday was a day race in the rain, but as it was so cloudy it almost looked like night time, and after the 1st lap other people’s tail lights were of no importance as I was at the front of the pack. I really do think this needs looked at.

The homologation system probably would be better in multiplayer, however I haven’t played online yet as I’m trying to get the career out of the way first.

Anyway as I said, relatively happy with the game so far, I certainly don’t see it as a step down from Forza 6, I know others have commented on graphic issues on the XB1, and yes I can see where they are coming from, but the game is optimised for 4K on the XB1X, I have one on pre order so holding graphic judgement until I see it on that console.

What? There’s no headlights in the rain?? That’s outrageous! Are they literally looking for ways to annoy and alienate their consumer base?

It might seem trivial to some, but it genuinely irritates me. If you are going to implement wet weather, and have the sky full of clouds, to the point where it is really dark on track, you need headlights, it was at the stage yesterday where I had to put the drivers line on just so I could see where I was going.

As a long time player (since FM2), this career mode seems to be a mix of FM2, FM3 and special events from FM6. I quite like the fact that as well as having a strange PI limit for various races, there are also limits on HP and tyres.

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The career mode in Forza 7 is definitely a step in the right direction for me, I really can’t fault it.