900 degrees in wheel rotation?

Why 900 degrees? Why not 720, 540 or some other value?

I’ve been looking at videos of other players drifting and noticed they have to turn the wheel a lot! Now, I’ve never drifted in real life, so I imagine real drifters have to do is as well, which means this is a real representation of how the steering should apply. But I’ve been having difficulties with setting my wheel for a comfortable feel as I get these weird sudden drifts which I am unable to get myself out of.
Just a bit too much gas and turning and the cars turns radically and nothing I do (braking, gas, turning the other way) seems to be working.
I believe part of he problem lies with me, as I am not active enough. Considering how much work those other players do while drifting, I should probably just accept that going from keyboard driving to wheel is not going to be simple as I thought. Being more active with the wehel will probably help me in addressing this issue up to a point.

But, while trying different things I started thinking if lowering the wheel rotation would help me. If there is less wheel rotation, I might catch my drifting car more easily, right? Or not?
900 degrees seems a lot to someone like me. That’s two and a half rotations. Where do we need that? How does it impact driving if this value is lower? Is there one value, that is best for all cars in FH4 or should we adjust that based on the car or type of activity we do. I hope we don’t have to adjust that too much, as the only way for me to do that is in Logitech gaming software and I would hate it if I will have to exit the game, change settings and re-start the game every time I wanted to try a different car or activity.

Thank you

A couple of things… First off, I am not a drifter (or at least, not a good one). Primarily because drifting is much harder on a wheel than the controller. One of the big complaints about the wheel is that it doesn’t support drifting well.

With that said, just a comment regarding the 900 degrees. I use a wheel exclusively. I’ve used it at 900 degrees and it works fine in most cars. I have since reduced it to 600 degrees for the exact reason you’re describing… drifting. It helps a bit, but be aware, it does make Hyper Cars and the like with tight steering much more challenging.

Forza Horizon 4 Wheel Users Guide makes for an interesting reading. I don’t understand everything, but the segment of steering sensitivity suggests that we can change the sensitivity instead or lowering the value of wheel degrees:

“Example: Car X modern supercar has 36 degrees of lock but in real life it’s max wheel rotation is 750 degrees. In this case you want to either set your wheel rotation to 750 degree and keep sensitivity to 50, or you increase the sensitivity up to 70 and you keep the wheel rotation set at 900 degrees. Either way you are going to drive with the same steering ratio, and the car will feel identical.”