8 second 1/4 drag

I need help tuning my dodge dart so it will run 8 seconds on the 1/4 mile. Its all wheel drive. AWD. Any tips plzzz?

S and R3 AWD will both run 8’s in the 1/4 drag are you trying for a particular class?

I have one for that car in my SF that Dragginslayer has tested.
Also if you are looking for some drag tuning tips or assistance send me a FR
I will help you.

Here is something for you to try APX


Viper Swap
Twin Turbo
AWD drivetrain

Engine - Everything race except stock oil and cooling 1020 HP
Platform and Handling - Stock springs and dampers, no cage – race for other items
Drivetrain - Sport trans – all other items race
Tires - Drag and max width front and rear
Wheels - Holeshot stock size
Street Hood

This set up requires minimal tuning and is set up to run no assists m/ w clutch and as I posted a replay can turn 8.692 fairly easy with low 8.7s being consistent


Tires - 35 psi front and rear
Gearing - 2.73
Anti roll - max front and rear
Differential - front 45/0 rear 45/0 center 70 percent to rear

R3 748

Race springs and trans will improve your time from here

S700 will run 8.942 fairly easy as well which I just set a 240 LB time with the following changes to above set up

Engine - drop to sport intercooler and stock flywheel
Platform handling - drop to sport weight reduction and stock brakes
Drivetrain - drop to stock clutch and driveshaft
Tires - drop front width to stock
Wheels - American racing Torq Thrust

adjust trans gears to 2.90