What a Drag: Drag racing leader-board tunes

Hey guys/gals,

I decided I am going to share my leader-board tunes for the “What a drag” Drag racing multiplayer lobbies. I have the Dodge Dart in RWD form for the 1/2 mile and mile, I’ve got the awd dart which is #1 on hockenhiem 1/4 mile drag on the leaderboards. I’m also sharing my 65 GTO tune that rips it in the 1/2 mile and 1 mile drag races. Go check out the leaderboards for proof- look up TNAVY. I’ve got a few tunes out. FOR THE DART TUNES (RWD and AWD) you MUST shift it at 5,300-5,500 RPM or it will not run anywhere near the leader-board time. It’s all in the shift for that car! The GTO was only a parts combo that made it fast, but I spent a lot of time on the dart tunes and would love to hear some reviews of them if anyone is interested. They are all shared. Good luck, and have fun!

any questions feel free to message me on TNAVY