720p option please

No troll post.

It is a well known “secret” how much Forza 5 had to be downgraded from the early versions shown to run with 60fps 1080p, i would love to see a 720p option with way better visuals.
In general it should be pushing out the best visual experience and not the highest pixel count (those bitching about it are a minority anyways).

And be honest people, if u would have - let’s say - the choice of dynamic day/nite and weather in Forza and it just being 900p from that time on, or 1080p and yes…erm…what forza got now… who wouldn’t go for option 1 ? =)

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No, the game is better at 1080p 60fps than it would be at 720p. Their is a Forza game with 720p, and it is called Forza Motorsport 4.

It’s not better in any way, it’s just downgraded for a higher pixel count and to be able to say “look, xbox one can do 1080/60 too”…
but that’s absolutely the wrong direction.
If they make forza 5 look like a pc game 10 years ago they might be able to push out 4k… yeah, would improve the game insanely, hu? =)

I’m sorry that you don’t understand the tradeoffs made during rendering a frame. I’m no expert either, but I can tell you that good texturing is primarily a matter of RAM not clock speed, whereas number of polygons or pixels is most dependent on clock speed.

Reducing the polygons and texturing would really only provide a minor increase in pixel capability and vice versa. I don’t see 720p as allowing FM5 to do anything that it isn’t already.

Also, as someone mentioned earlier, can’t you just set your XBox to 720p? Done.

You realise that as soon as you say another group are in a minority you lose lots of credibility? Just because you don’t see the point of something, doesn’t mean others don’t.
As for 900p with more eye candy, To be honest i don’t think a small drop in resolution would allow enough particle effects and shaders for it to be worthwhile. Dead rising 3 is 720p to allow for more stuff, and to me it looks great. But it’s a free roam zombie slayer. You’re too busy blowing things up and running away to notice little details. Forza on the other hand seems to have gone down the route of visual fidelity above all else. Which is ok up to a point. But as we’ve discovered, it comes at a cost. In the case of this game, it’s more ineffecient coding than anything else. It’s the first Forza on the new box, so it will not be using the system to it’s fullest. Hopefully in future games this will happen. But there’s no way they’ll start giving PC like options to a console game. Everyone has to run exactly the same game because everyone has exactly the same system. There’s nothing in it for Turn 10 to develop ‘graphics options’. So we get the visual settings they choose. Whether we agree with their artistic direction or not.

Just set your Xbox to 720p, then you get 720p!

So you want to DOWNGRADE the game?
That’s a new one.
That would also completely put to waste months of development time. 1080p 60fps is no easy feat. Consider me the minority; I like it the way it is.

Sorry, 1080p 60fps is actually nothing that should be a feature, it should be a given with hardware powerfull enough.
But as the hardware is not, you have to bite the bitter apple and make the best out of it.

And the best graphics is what turn 10 had shown before when they still thought the xbox one had the power needed for it…
all i say is, don’t downgrade the graphics, downgrade the resolution =)

Who the hell has a 4k capable TV.

Well, we don’t actually know what the hardware is fully capable of yet. And then there’s how good devs are with it, what with it being a new system. 1080p and 60fps isn’t even a given on the PS4. Killzone, 30fps. Multi-player 60fps but with downgraded graphics. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, still not a constant 60fps at 1080p. Battlefield, again not a constant 60fps.

Ridge Racer 7 - PS3 - Long long time ago… 1080p 60fps…

It’s the quality that counts in my opinion and not the numbers. And i always get sad when i saw those videos where they played/showed forza 5 first and how much they had to sacrifice just for reaching 1080p…

1080p allows you to “see” farther into the distance. For a racing game, this is a pretty big feature. I think it has merit.

Out of curiosity, now that a couple million copies of the game have been pressed and shipped, how exactly do you envision this graphical downgrade taking place?

clearly someone who doesn’t understand the complexities of graphics. and lacks insight.

yes, i know, like desrtfox071 described it - it’s all magic and stuff, and a quarter the pixels doesn’t mean even a lil less of gpu needed and stuff…
and here i am - enlightened - and finally with the knowledge that forza on pal/ntsc (with the according resolution) would use the same raw power than the 1080p version now…

come on people, what’s next? telling me it’s all about the power of the cloud anyways?

How about we put an end to this before it gets out of hand.

OP, please feel free to add your suggestion to the feature wishlist stickied at the top of the forum.