'71 Skyline Tuning Help

Need some help with tuning my '71 Skyline. Did an AWD swap and RB26DETT swap from an R34. Upgraded to the max and is in R2 class. I still smoke the competition but has a hard time staying on the track. Did some research and found the Forza Tuning Calculator and input the info needed, than input the tune to Forza but it now handles even worse than the default tune. Am I missing something?

you cannot tune all of the evil out of that thing. maybe some of it, but not all of it. as it should be ;^)

Any tunes out there that get it as tame as possible? Seems before tune it was just all over the place, then after had under steer problem and I snow plow through corners.

You’re probably expecting too much from a 70’s skyline in r2 class honestly

Maybe, but that doesn’t answer the question. Looking for some helpful answers/pointers/direction please. Regardless if I am expecting to much or not, there is tuning that can be done to make it perform better. I know it won’t perform like F1 car on the track, but there has to be some tweaks to help it get around the track better.

I just looked in my garage and… I’ve an R3 800 that you’re welcome to try if you promise not to have too much fun ;^) 800+hp AWD on 225/60R14… should be a hoonin’ good time - low expectations and all that… I will put in in my store.

Thanks DL! Umm…how do I get to store? Sorry for the noob question but new to online interaction in Forza!

it’s in the game… on the xbox… within forza… uhm… let me google that for you… Ok, THIS looks like it may provide an explanation: - YouTube
…it’s one to do it way anyway.

Thanks man, will be looking into it here shortly!!

hi i have some tunes for it on my profile and if youd like ill be back on and ripping up the drags in mine starting tuesday or maybe later depends when my new tv arives and thats about all its good for unless you go completely nuts on it and send it to extream mode if you would like i can help you with as much as i can with it but it is still an evil car no matter what you do to it

just so you know this is my old account and i cant get onto my other one but my new one is DuMb ReMiX

give me an add and lets hit up some drags some time or even maybe some drifting but track is my least prefered but i can still tune a mean circuit car if you need some step by step help

Ok! Thank you for taking the time to help! You will have to teach me to drift, I have never done it before. I have done the drag strip before a couple times, but will need good pointers and ideas for builds!