'69 Charger, Rebel flag on the roof, 01 on the doors

So I took the '69 Charger and put a Rebel flag on the roof, put a blocky 01 on the doors and gave the car a name.

I call it The Captain Solo.


Not a particularly huge Star Wars fan but I must say that this is indeed quite clever! Nicely done mate.

What he said, nice idea (if slightly geeky lol).

Not sure how I didn’t see this before now, I blame too much painting on Forza, bad for the eyes you know.

Bad eyes aside, that looks great Hieronymus, will have a look for it shortly.



That’s awesome. I’m going to do a similar design if you don’t mind, but I’m going to do the numbers “block style” like the 01, but use “GS”. General Solo. Great idea sir.

hey hiero

completely not what I expected, this is much cooler!

hope you’re good bud :slight_smile:

Should have expected the ruse.

Clever. …well played

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Im offended by your rebel flag, long live Vader.

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Why’s it gotta be a race thing WsD?

Very clever Heiro, I should’ve expected no less.

Eh ?

Oh, that’s where I thought you were going with the whole being offended about the rebel flag and supporting the guy that’s very literally black from head to toe. My bad, I misread your joke.

That is absolutely genius Hiero. XD