599xx evo

Hi guys im new to this game i just wanted to ask why is it so hard to get the 599XX Evo like everytime i try to buy somebody just gets it quicker i sold one for like 138k i dont really remember i didnt think its a good car but now that i saw that its insane i just wanted to know why is it so hard to get it? Cheers.

It’s in demand because it makes a lot of things easy as far as the pr stunts and I’m sure other things. I believe it’s available in the backstage If you haven’t already gotten it there.

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It isn’t hard to get. You just need to complete the forzathons until you get the backstage pass. You can find it in the backstage

You get backstage pass by completing festival playlist tasks, not Forzathon.

I thought it was a progression thing, and since Forzathon tasks do count towards progression, Forzathon would help the OP earn the Backstage Pass, no?

You probably mean Forzathon weekly and daily challenges but those are different things. Forzathon is an event held in every hour in Horizon life and earns you Forzathon points. Those points are spendable in Forzathon shop. It has nothing to do with backstage pass. To get backstage pass, you need %50 completion each month in the festival playlist tasks.

It is so hard to get because it is one of the best cars in the game. It typically lists for millions. Sorry for that nugget.

It is nearly impossible to get because it is in very high demand. Most of the time there are not even listings for it. And when they are, any number of other people are doing full bid for it.

However, luckily for you, there is a thing called Backstage Pass. If you complete 50% of the series events, you win a Backstage Pass. You can use that pass for a one-time purchase of any of the cars listed in the Backstage. Each series gives you a new opportunity to earn another pass for a different car in the list. The Ferrari 599XX Evo is one of the first cars of the list, so it is definitely available there. There are two seasons left in the series including the current one, so you have time to earn a pass before the next series. Good luck.

great car it iz a very good jumper…danger sign…

yes look for a back stage pass on the forzathon for this week…the welcome back page when you enter in to your home…

then look for a backstage tab go there it iz in there to purchase with your back stage pass…

These cars used to only be available occasionally throughout the year via the weekly Forzathon events. If you missed it, you might have to either get lucky and pay 20 million on the auction house or you’d have to wait for the next forzathon to roll around that offered that car up as a prize, and then complete that forzathon.

However, thanks to a change in the game a few months ago, the car is now available via the Backstage Pass to anyone, providing they jump through some hoops first and do some of the Forzathon events.

As you may or may not know, once a month the 4 seasons change weekly and each cycle of those 4 seasons constitutes a Series. I think they are up to Series 31 or something now…I digress.

At the start of the game you can look at the weekly forzathon…Winter, Spring, Summer Fall. There are tasks each week that will amount to a 50% completion or an 80%+ completion, both of which award you prizes, depending on how many of the events you complete.

In addition, each time you check off one of the weekly activities towards that 50 or 80% completion, you’ll win something good, usually. A new car, an older but desirable car, sometimes something so-so like clothes. You’ll also earn FORZATHON POINTS, which is a currency that can be used in the Forzathon Shop to, you guessed it, buy stuff with those points. Think of it as giving you lots and lots of incentives to show up weekly and complete the forzathon events:

You win prizes completing the events, sometimes cars, sometimes forzathon points, sometimes wheel spins and super wheel spins.
You progress towards 50% and 80% completion for the week, awarding you goodies.
You progress each month towards monthly 50% and monthly 80%, which awards you a Backstage pass at 50% and some other prize at 80%

*AS you do the weekly Forzathon Challenges, you will also add progress to the Series (aka: monthly) progress. If you can reach 50% of the Series total (monthly) you’ll get a car pass for the month, which means you can go into the Horizon Backstage Pass area and “choose” one free car. The Evo 999 is there as one of the available cars, and that list keeps growing.

So take a look at this weeks challenges…and start showing up each week and trying to complete them. If you don’t have a lot of cars yet, the MOSLER is good for most of the speed trap and speed zone events, can also be used for the Super Jump event (these occur weekly).

Anyhow, good luck, the Ferrari is obtainable this way…might take you 3-4 weeks to accumulate 50% of the completion needed to get that backstage pass, but you’ll get there. Note that it does reset monthly tho…so you’ll have 4 weeks to complete enough stuff to hit that 50%, and you’ll also find you’ll accumulate a ton of stuff along the way, so its kinda worth your while to do these events weekly.

Good Luck

Backstage pass as others have said.

Path to Backstage Pass:
Log in weekly.
Complete as much of the weekly/daily challenges as you can:

Monthly Rivals - Complete 1 lap in some car without crashing into anything.
3 races at Highly Skilled, percentage increase.
Photo I think counts towards percentage completed.
Playground Games is a guaranteed win, do not quit, percentage increase.
Danger, Zone and Trap are usually pretty easy if you have a Mosler or Evo 999x. Percentage Increase.
The Trial…your mileage may vary, percentage increase.
Daily Challenges, percentage increase (although small)

By 2-4 weeks you’ll have your pass.