5 million credits disappeared overnight


so last night I had almost 7 million credits (saving for the castle). Today I log in and load up the game to find <2 million credits and no explanation for what happened. And yes, my account/game is secure, no one else played.

Has anyone else had issues like this and has a way to get it back? Cause otherwise I’m done with this game on a really sour note, especially since I’m a Brit in the US and it helped me out when I feel homesick on occasion.

maybe contact official support

are you sure you let it save ?
didnt bid on any cars in the auction house ?

You’ll need to contact Forza Support and ask for help. There’s no way of anyone on here knowing what has caused it and it’s not usual for credits to just disappear.

Often when these issues are reported, it’s user error in doing something like asking for a barn find to be restored immediately not noticing the cost (which can cost millions) but, if not something like that, hopefully Support will be able to help.

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You can get a player to buy a car off you such as the MB Sports for £20M. I have 999M so I can buy a car off you at a loss to myself. Then I can also sell it back to you for 320000.

Yeah, I logged off with the right amount, and no bids or barn restores. I only have 2 left to find with 1 restoring so I know it wasn’t that. I was saving up for the castle and last barn find so was avoiding any temptation to spend lol

And thanks for the offer! I took a look and my max price on most expensive car is 1.3 mil so maybe not worth wasting your time lol

Selling 20M requires specific profile ( if I remember, number of tunes/vinyls downloads ), anyway, with intermediate profile, look at Bentley 8L, you can buy one for 500K and sell it to 10M given someone as nice as Aqua is around.

Nope, just own car pack DLC, to have that MB. That’s how I gave my friend 100M welcome gift.

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