4FLT Drivers Club

Hi there,

My club is named 4FLT, inspired by the flat four which powers my 02 Subaru in real life. I’m a Subaru fanatic and have logged thousands of miles both in real life and in Forza in Subarus.

Of course, Subarus aren’t my only car passion. More than anything, I enjoy tuning cars and slashing lap times. I am not a super competitive player, but rather play for the fun of the game and to increase my general knowledge of racing.

I’m looking for other members along the same lines as me. Not looking to be the top 1%. But looking for a supportive club which can guide racers to improve themselves. I have years of Forza experience and want to pass it on.

The club garage is full of cars, my storefront is full of tunes and I’m happy to build custom tunes for specific tracks/cars/playstyles. I just want an opportunity to share what I’ve learned.

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to shoot me a message, reply here, or simply request an invitation on Forza.

  • Zuqq