Looking for a mature crew

Hey, I’ve played this game quite a while now and sometimes I find myself in a really boring situation. I like racing, drifting and just cruising around, but sometimes I really just like to cruise around and meet new people. If you are looking for a friendly guy to hang out with then I can be the man, mostly I’m just sitting in the upgrade section and trying to build some cool cars. Would really love to find some people to cruise around with and have some fun over the mic.

Hit me on my gamertag SohnMaster if you think I’m the guy!

Hey SohnMaster! I think we might be the club for you! My name is Akid04, and I’m planning on starting a club this weekend. The name will be Club Sports! Hit me up!
Gamertag: Akid04


Hey guys!

I’d also like to join a club described by SohnMaster!
Sounds a lot like what I do. I’m tired of clubs that have people only tryin to get a full drift around the map or driving Bugatti’s @ 450km/h. :smiley:

I myself am an upgrade guy first and foremost. Not that ‘‘FULL TUNE IT WITH THE TWIN-TURBO V8’’. Not saying that I don’t have those cars tho. Looking more of a group to hang in ‘‘and use my ridiculously badly prnounced english’’, share some ideas of the cars and testing them. Haven’t actually been online racing/driving yet, cause I find it less fun with the ‘‘kids’’ :smiley:

So Akid04 can you share more info about what you are planning with the club?

Cheers guys!

I’ll maybe add a bit of what I’m usually up to in the game.

Street Races now. Have found them quite nice and interesting with Midnight Battles and all. 90% of my gametime is finding a new car → Drive it stock for a while → think about what it needs to have to be BETTER. ANd better doesn’t usually mean top speed of +350km/h or 0-100km/h in 3secs. I’m usually making the cars ENJOYABLE to drive. 105kw car CAN actually be very fun to drive! If I want a fast car I can just go and buy myself a Lamborghini or so on.

So it usually is driving freely in different places, finding out what car needs and if it has characteristics I dont like. Then I try to upgrade and tune the car so those unwanted parts are gone. So would be a great to have a group with people like this.

I’m not that much into Online Racing. Online co-op could be more of my thing. Haven’t done it yet, so do all the guys need to be the on the same race or can I for example run Street Races, while other guys do Bucket Lists and so on?

. And I’d love to compare cars STOCK! Would be interesting to have a group of quite similar cars to try out and see which one is the best. Top Gear-ish?

Hope to hear soon! You can just add me. Don’t know if it matters, the gametag is M_H_M_G. Here in the forum it just shows ‘‘M H M G’’, don’t know if the ‘’_’’ matters in tags!

I live in Finland, so the timezone is GMT+2.

First of all I’m 12 years old. I know you may not think I’m mature, but really I am. I have been looking for a club to cruise around and I finally gave up and tried starting my own. Anyways, here is some more info on mine.

I am a twitch broadcaster and would like to start making Forza Horizon 3 and Battlefield 1 videos. This I think would be the perfect thing to have people get into the gameplay and get involved.
Also, drag racing might not be as common as the regular racing I will be doing. In my opinion, I think the drag strip is a great way to test cars on top speed and is less fun. Still, if people want a drag race, I will give it to them.
I go to street routes for a little more fun and more specific car test (It tests the car in all abilities). This will be more common than drag racing.
I really like building cars! So, maybe we will have car meets to see what you have built lately or just show off your best car.
Since the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor came out, I have been playing cops and robbers more. So, just let me know what you think on this subject.
Sometimes we could cruise around. Cruising around and just taking a beautiful look at Australia!

Let me know if you want to do anything else, and I will include it!


PS: The club will be coming this weekend. Sorry for the wait. I got school.

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Hey mate!

Age is only a number! :slight_smile:

I might be into the club, the ‘‘testing cars abilities’’ sounds very good!

Also thanks man. That meant a lot to me. You are allowed to join. Since someone left, you will get an admin position. See you tonight!

Ok sure just hit me up! GT: Akid04


You’ll regret having me as an admin. :smiley: I can’t say I’d be active enough!

Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll put you as admin and then I’ll decide if I’m going to keep you there. Thanks for being honest though!

The Forza Car Club of Australia is a realistic, cruise based club if you’d like to join open to all regions!

@SohnMaster, Not sure if you’re still looking for a club, but I have provided a link for a detailed overview of our new club. If you have time and if you’re interested please check out the link to my post.

hey guys if you want to join a active club just look for jftr of shoot me a message[noahkiller22] 864 members and on the top 113

Hey guys, I’ve created a club called Club Speed [CSP] if anyone’s interested. Just me and one mate atm, hoping to grow bigger.