458 Italia Tune?

Are any of you Hot Rodders out there working on a tune for the 458? Im not very good at tuning, I think im over thinking it, but I cant seem to keep the rear and from coming around in the turns. I love Stella Stig’s tunes but he hasn’t done a 458 yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I’m looking for casual clean racers to run with in B or S class… .

im working on one, will let you know when ready.

Sweet, Thanks W4rlock… .

While you’re waiting for him try mine out see how that goes.

Search for RBBTS in the description.

Will be finish in 2 days…

I have also been working on a 458 Italia. I have not yet shared the tune due to some problems with the rear end coming around on slower corners. I am just getting too much rotation. When I am done with the tune it will retain 100% stock appearance. This car is just really tricky to get right for me. I will post it on my tune list when it is is completed. Please have a look when it is done.

It also looks like you will no longer have an issue with getting a tune for this car just by the responses you have received in this thread already. Take care.

Slow the turn in down… Forget about toe take it off. But +0.2 rear camber, drop the caster to about 3.2, decrease rear tyre pressures about 2psi then try that.
Also set the decel diff lock to about 84% that will stop it coming round under braking and the other settings should deal with the turn in.