24 Hours of Le Mans

Now that Ford has announced the return of the iconic return of the GT, and the return Porsche. How about 24 Hours of Le Mans.

What about it?

Well, I’d say if we wanted to do it we would need to do it in 2 12 Hour shifts because there isn’t dynamic weather.

Tracks will probably have ribbons such as

LeMans France
-LeMans “Old Mulsanne”
-LeMans Circuit De La Sarthe
-LeMans “Old Mulsanne” (Night)
-LeMans Circuit De La Sarthe (Night)

I think if there were going to be a 24hr of Le Mans they would do it like this:
2.4hr race divided into two stints, night and day, both 1.2hrs long. First stint is during the day and after you compete the first stint there would be a second stint at night.

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I think endurance races will be about 1-2 hours long with static day, rain or night setting (depends on which settings are possible in Le Mans, so far only night is confirmed). You can’t set up a full 24 hour race.

You may be able to set one up yourself. Highly unlikely in my opinion it will be an event in career. 24 hours with static conditions sounds like it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

You can set up full 24 hour races. TORA has been doing those since 2012. All you have to do is do a race of X amount of time and record the distance travelled then do another race record those results and so on so forth until you reach the intended time. Then add it all together and the one with the farthest distance wins.