20000 Miles Driven?

Since it’s labeled incorrectly, I’m hoping this is a mistake as well. 20000 miles for miles driven in Forza rewards? I don’t even know if I’ve driven that far across all Forza games, much less one. Can anyone confirm if this is 20000 or just 2000 like all the others?

I hope it is 20,000. It really isnt that much, say the average track length is 2.5 miles. thats 8000 laps, when broken down into 4 lap races, its only 2000 races. I think that is actually a good achievement that you have to earn.

Considering the 20,000 miles , under the Driver Level category, I would say it’s an error

I think I’ve done 20000 miles in one car on FM4 so I’d be fine either way. I hope there’s some decent longevity in this game.

Where are you seeing this stat? I seem to think somewhere on the hub it says something like this but its referring to the total miles driven by the community as a whole. . .

Just on my way home from work, will have a look when I get in

I have driven over 50,000 miles in Each of FM3, FM4 and FM5. 20,000 is easily doable for a regular player

It’s 2000 miles now.

It must be a typo. mine says go 1000 miles