2 new messages in Original Horizon this morning

I popped onto Horizon this morning and had 2 new News messages.
The Devs will be on today from 1 till 3 PST for a Game With Devs session today and you can win some kind of Unicorn car.

You can also get the Unicorn car by beating the monthly rivals event by Jan 22nd

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Sounds good. Did they write something about Series patch? It’s about time!

No nothing else

That’s sad because I probably won’t install it. MS told us it’s easy to create better emulation on Series and it’s currently impossible for first party game to make it real. Horizon is still great but 30 FPS was cool in 1980.

Back in the '80s, you were locked to (about) 15 FPS @ (technically) 270-490Htz RF, this high refresh rate is due to the nature of a CRT (HD & Flatscreen Televisions didn’t exist. HD TVs really only came to prominence in 2010, The first LCD Flatscreen TV was unveiled by LG at CES 2000, In 2001 a Flatscreen would cost around 42,000 US Dollars).
Maybe it is just me but I don’t find much of difference between Framerates. Maybe it is because I have for the most part focused on Frame Stability then rate. I can go from playing The legend of Zelda on the NES on my CRT to playing FM4 on 360 to Forza MotorSport on XBOX then to BeamNG on my PC at 120FPS and back to Zelda on the NES with no problems.

Yeah, it’s just you. Sega arcades in 80s had 60 FPS because it’s necessary for playing.


Those messages have been in my inbox ever since I got the game in 2013… Sorry

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