1992 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 - Additional Alfa Romeo Sideskirt and Widebody Options

The main aim of this Suggestion is to provide the ingame Car with the full complement of Official Alfa Romeo Touring Car Body Parts to accompany the existing ones.

I’m putting these together in 1 Post as they’re all linked together

V6 TI Part 1: The Sideskirt

The first Part I’d like to see is the Sideskirt that belongs to the V6 TI version which is most commonly associated with DTM.

In Forza Horizon 5 we have the Front Bumper, Rear Bumper and Wing to create this car but we lack the correct Sideskirt.

The aforementioned Correct Sideskirt however is present in Forza Motorsport 7 and is the only part of the car not carried across to Horizon.

In FM7:

Compared to FH5 which only has the other Skirt option:

V6 TI Part 2: The Widebody Kit

The Real Life Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI has a Wide Body kit which is comprised primarily of wider wheel arches to give the car more track width.

Ingame the Car with the V6 TI Bumper options looks rather thin compared to the Real Car and would benefit massively from having the Widened Fenders as an option.

This would likely have a large impact of performance however so may lead to further imbalance if implemented improperly.

Below are some images of a V6 TI with the Wider Fenders of which I’m referring to. In these images you can also see the Sideskirt which I mentioned in Part 1.

Should we get both the Widened Fenders and the Sideskirt transfered across from Forza Motorsport 7 we can create accurate looking replicas of some of the irl variants of the V6 TI which is definitely something I’d love to see.

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA S1 Widebody

The other ingame Body Part collection is for a different Touring Car variant of the 155 used in leagues such as the Italian Superturismo Championship which is called the GTA S1.

Ingame we have the full set of Body Parts to make this variant including the correct Front and Rear Bumpers, correct Sideskirts and the Correct Wing.

However one part is missing: The Widebody

The GTA Road and Race Versions of the Time had a more subtle widebody than the V6 TI mentioned above which consisted of Widened Fenders as opposed to just wheel arches.

The change is not massive but it definitely gives the car a much more aggressive appearance and I’d likewise love to see it ingame to fully complete this version of the 155 Touring Car.

Again this could also cause some potential balance issues depending on Implemention.

Below are some photos of a GTA S1 which showcase the enlarged fenders:


These images of a GTA Test Mule but since they’re black and white they show the increased fender size a lot better than the above:

For Comparison here is the base 155 Q4 which is the model featured ingame and lacks the fenders: