1970 dodge challenger r/t tuning help needed

So I’ll admit I’m a bit of a novice tuner. For the most part I can figure out a car but I’m having a lot of trouble with one aspect and I need this car to complete the championship I’m on. As of the moment my challenger is extremely unstable when accelerating. A small turn becomes a massive drift. At one point it ran well. However I’m not so sure what I added. Or what specific tuning is needed to make a change with the stability during acceleration. If anyone could help me learn this. And give me a few tips that would be fantastic. Please and thank you

If it’s on a straight line, the wheel is not turned, and the smallest throttle inputs are resulting in sideways action take a look at your Acceleration Differential setting and make sure you’re not simply mashing the throttle to the floor.

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RWD? AWD? What Class? I’d suggest keeping Tire PSi under 29 and take the advice above to start…