180sx Type-x in Forza Horizon 4?

How is nobody talking about how they released a type x 180 hotwheels In partnership with Forza Horizon 4… are we getting type X?

Forza hasn’t announced anything so we don’t know. If there’s no Week in Review article today, the next information we’ll have about upcoming content for FH4 will be on September 23rd - see the Series 14 thread.

Personally, I don’t read too much into HW/Forza releases. But that 180SX Type-X has been around a long time for them. HW has had over 6 different versions outside of the Forza one.

I don’t think it will be added.
Toy makers like Mattel often use existing models, even if they are different from the actual car.
Since they don’t have a 240SX (or 180SX Chuki) model, they would have just diverted the existing 180SX model.


They have made new toolings for use in the Entertainment series, like the Alfa Guilia from a previous Forza series, so it is a valid line of thinking that the 180 may be coming to Forza, doubtful, but valid.

Also included in the new casting list for the Forza series:

S15 Silvia
365 Speedster.