15000 XP Board in the airport hangar?

Does anyone know how to get the XP board in the airport hangar? Its up on top of a bunch of boxes and I can’t seem to find a way up to get it. Has anyone gotten it yet?

UPDATE: Never mind, I found out. You just have to use the ramp outside the hangar to the north. Good luck!!

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Didnt know there was one there gonna have to check it out.

  1. Leave the hangar and drive due north to the water tower.
  2. Turn around and head downhill directly for the target.
  3. Hit the jump at approximately 100mph.
  4. Sail through the window and hit the board.

This, and cross the dirt strip on the ramp from right to left as you ascend the ramp. Your car may end up L-shaped; this is normal.

This worked for me so many thanks. Had to hit about 108MPH in a KTM X-Bow and took a few tries but got it. Really good placement!

never seen it before will check it out, thanks

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I just found it but need a more stable car for approach. I will try again tomorrow.

I think I hit about 107mph when I managed to get it. Make sure you launch a bit to the left too. Took me about 15 minutes and many tries. Sweet placement though! Made for a good challenge!


I took my AWD Mercedes Benz A-Class and hit it at 98 mph to finally get it. Took about 10 tries, but I got it. Took my friend 2 tries in his Evo. He said about 95 mph for his car.

Cheers for the thread! Was in my Subaru WRX at the time doing rally races, so got it on the second attempt.
Just centre on the ramp, aimed a bit to the left, and drive straight for it through the bushes hitting it about 150km/h (95mph). Could have been slightly faster, closer to the 100mph, but still JUST made it.