XP / Discount Boards location

Okey guys I don’t know if that was already posted, and if yes I’m sorry, you can delete my topin admin’s

I make a video whose shown on the map the different location of XP / Discount fast travel Boards.

When the full game will be released, I make an other video more detailed than a map video.

See you soon buddies on FH2 !

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That link sure is tempting, but I will hold off a while longer and challenge myself…

I must say that the open world aspect makes finding these a real scavenger hunt as they are thrown in to random rows of vineyards or fields or near a building off the beaten path.

Thanks for doing the video, though!

sorry for incorrect info post

Some xp are on top of pallets ie airport how you get these no ramps ?

There is a ramp behind the hanger use it to jump through the Window aim to land on the palate to get it cheers

Thanks, I was wondering about that too.