1440p/1080p 60fps extreme/quality mode needed XSX

After playing both quality and performance mode on XSX there are issues with both. Quality has much higher LOD, foliage and draw distance etc but the frame rate at 30fps is simply too low to enjoy, with the overdone motion blur the resulting motion clarity is poor and it never feels smooth or fluid, it actually gives me headache. Plus the game control response is noticeably worse.

Performance feels about 5x smoother and easier on the eyes but there is less detail and more noticeable pop in and visible aliasing. I personally think FH4 looks cleaner with less aliasing. Still performance mode at 60fps is easily my preferred choice by far.

At the end of the day the XSX cannot do 60 fps at extreme quality settings at 4k, however at 1440p or 1080p most likely could. Why not offer this as a “balanced” third option?

Note Flight simulator runs at 1440p and still looks good.

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I am literally expecting PG to implement this in the near future. FH5 has so much potential to allow spectacular visuals and performance at the cost of 4k resolution, of which is doing the game no rational favors by the dramatic decrease of fidelity. I completely agree we NEED either a dynamic 3k 60fps extreme mode, I’ll even settle with a static 2k 60fps extreme mode. Trying to meet 4k hinders performance and graphical quality far too much, and at a high cost of pop-ins, not just with the scenery and environment, but the AI at a distance to the point that it becomes highly distracting. Immersiveness is a whole other story. Please PG, please, implement this for Series X!

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Grab a seat…

Was I the only one shocked when this game was announced that it could only handle 30fps at 4k on the XSX?

There’s no 1440 60fps mode? Really? Bad form PGG…given the huge number of people that will be playing on 1440p monitors, given it is the most cost-effective resolution, I am amazed they have been overlooked