10th Anniversary cars download problem

I purchased the 10th anniversary edition yesterday. I put the disk in and it began to install. I then put in the code for the 10th anniversary car. I deleted the demo to make room on my hard drive and now I can’t find the 10th anniversary car pack. I made contact with Xbox who indicated that the 10th anniversary car pack was attached to the demo.


I want my car pack

I didn’t delete anything, but I entered the code as well as a code that was emailed to me. Same issue, cars (I should have 11) not in my garage, but said they were downloaded. Just got off the phone with Xbox support and the solution was to post on here to figure it out

Go to FM6 and hit the button with 3 lines on it. Select manage game and reinstall the pack (it is a 10MB unlock code basically).

Go to buy cars and they will be listed in the free section to the far left (after you get the first one, all the other will be under their manufacturer and will need in game credits).