1/18/2019 forza rewards?

Was the 1/18/2019 forza reward missed? because i didn’t get mine i checked FH4 and FM7

Haven’t got mine either, so you’re not alone.

Yep definitely not alone
Going by the amount of threads about on both fh4 and fm7

I never got them either but im guessing we get double next week
I have never missed out overall since they seem to get sent with the next week as double

Allright thanks yea whenever the forza reward goes down they always give whats owed to us. august i think it was we got triple for three weeks down

Yep and it seems to stuffed again this week as well

Seems my higher level gamertags ( over tier 8) didnt get them for the last 2 weeks but the ones at tier 7 did

Nothing here for two weeks in a row now.

Must be a Hit or Miss thing because I got all mine last week and this week. Weird, but normal for Forza, I guess.

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Yep, seems that way, again. But it’ll get fixed again at some stage. It’s not like it’s credits that will break the bank anymore. Once I slip into the next level, my weekly credit rewards will be slashed again. It’s as if the longer you play, the less they give you for your support . . Crazy reverse physiology really.

Can you explain this a bit more, I don’t understand what you mean? Each level / tier increases the weekly credit rewards.

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Once I reached a certain level, they level off, and then reduced . . . . The 500k credits are now down to just 200k, and I’ve checked my next level Rewards is less . . . I ‘think’ they believe that by then, you’re able to,banks considerable credits by playing online multiplayer and career and a Free Play, plus Rivals, which don’t pay that much under normal circumstances.

So perhaps ? They believe those with higher levels, those over level,40+ have a decent credit balance, a huge number of cars, I’ve got 809 at my last count, so I don’t NEED the huge credits that are dished out earlier in the game.

Where larger credits are needed for big ticket cars.

I’m still confused. This thread is about the weekly rewards. Each tier you go up, you get more credits each week, going up a tier never reduces the rewards. What shows as the next level reward is the EXTRA you get for going up to the next tier, not the new total.

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True, my mistake mate, got confused in the extreme heat today. Over here in Oz we’re experiencing heatwave conditions of 40-48 deg Celsius sometimes.often 50+ in some areas. It’s a bit like melting on a road thing lol. So the brain gets a little frazzled at times hehehehe.

just so you know

Weekly Tier Rewards starting with the release of FH4

tier 2 25,000 credits
tier 3 50,000
tier 4 75,000
tier 5 100,000
tier 6 125,000
tier 7 150,000
tier 8 200,000
tier 9 250,000
tier 10 300,000
tier 11 350,000
tier 12 425,000
tier 13 500,000

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no rewards this week, getting messages though.

Any news on this weeks Rewards ?

I got my 2 missing weeks worth this week as well as my weekly
so 1,5 million in total , not that they are needed in fm7 since credits rain from the sky anyway

Got 900,000 last night when I logged on, so they must have released the Kraken

I concur, received my 3x rewards.

I am still missing mine. :frowning:

Got my 3 weeks worth.