Zenvo TS1

It’s great to see that the 2016 Zenvo TS1 is in the game but shouldn’t it be called the ST1 instead? That’s what it was in Forza Horizon 4 and other titles. I know this is seems like a trivial thing but just wanted to point it out.

Not sure if they scanned new model, but ST1 was the “starting” model produced until 2016, starting from 2016 TS1 was supposed to be more road legal and comfortable model. They all look kinda similar …

They all do look similar. They were talking about in the stream when they added the TSR-S in FH4 and like I said it was called the ST1 in that game and others before. I think that if it was the TS1 it would be the TS1 GT. I’m not a Zenvo expert but I think they accidentally called it the TS1 rather than ST1.

There’s two options. Either it should be the ST1, or the TS1 GT. The full line-up is:

ST1 2009-2016
TS1 GT 2016-present
TSR-S 2019-present

It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the ST1 and the TS1 GT, however. The rear wing on the TS1 GT is taller, and more noticeable, there are canards on the front of the car on either side of the bumper, and there are vertical separators in the rear three quarter panel air intakes. The thing is, I don’t see the ST1 or the TS1 listed in game.

Just take a look at the forza promo screen ingame, there you find it…

I did. It didn’t show up for me.

EDIT: Guess what happens if you search for a vehicle on the Horizon Promo? It doesn’t search the Promo, it searches your garage, which is why I didn’t see the TS1. Looking at this image it seems that it is definitely the ST1, and not the TS1 GT, so it is incorrectly labelled just as OP stated. The wing is wrong, there are no front canards, and there are no vertical splitters inside the side air ducts.

Yes, you have to look for the not yet photographed cars - looking for a manufactorer messes the whole thing up.

There are already some various incorrectly labeled cars in the game - the 1965 Mini can’t be only a Mini cause the brand came 1968 independent - so it has to be either an Austin Mini Cooper S or an Morris Mini Cooper S. The Wolesley, Riley or Innocenti Variants look too different. Or the 1953 Morris Minor 1000 FE - they were only build from 1956 on, so with the 1953 vintage it should have been a Morris Minor Series II with a split windshield. The Volkswagen Beetle officially called Volkswagen 1200 Export…

Yes it’s in the Horizon Promo like you said. I think we’ll have to wait until it comes out to see if there’s any badging that says ST1. Also, the Zenvo ST1 page on Forza Fandom says it’s misspelled.

The Zenvo ST1 is the first car from Zenvo, first featured in FH3 as a DLC car.

The TSR-S is the latest and it’s a variant focused on the track.