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Hope all is well.

Some of you may know me but the majority won’t. I’m just a regular geezer who currently has a youtube channel (1.23k subs) - DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES, THIS POST ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!!! My channel is now predominantly aimed at Forza Horizon 5 and helping you lot out. I have played ALL the Forza titles since Forza 2 and have am completely self taught in all aspects of the games.

I am hoping to dish some of this knowledge back to you through my Youtube page My Latest Youtube Video

I’m a total caveman when it comes to editing and ideas but i do believe im slowly getting there. (taken me long enough…) which leads me onto my next point perfectly…

I would love you all to stop by, check the videos out and get involved. The main thing is to GET INVOLVED. The Forza community is sometimes quite toxic place and having somewhere where you can chill out, have a few drinks or J’s, rock some banter and race with each other is the ideal scenario in which I would like to race in; I dunno about you? Oh and learning off myself and others is always going to be a huge bonus to you.

I’m in the process of an engineering degree so within my tuning methods do lie some form of engineering methods and mathematics where possible (Forza doesn’t follow a lot of physics related to mechanical engineering and forces lol).

I have a discord which has just been set up as I feel it’s a solid place for everyone to link up, get some convoys going and make new friends (or enemies, who knows) Discord

Know doubt i’ll get a bit of hate for this post, but if you’re genuinely a sound guy or lady for that matter, come along for the journey. It doesn’t cost you anything and hey, if you learn how to tune your own cars for drifting, off road and road racing and even how to become a faster racer or better painter? Why wouldn’t you? You’ll be able to chare your projects with the discord channel accordingly so others can use, download and even offer constructive criticism.

Leave me a comment or get yourself over to the channel/discord and lets make our time on this game, fun for once.

Take care of yourselves,


Thanks but no thanks.

This post looks like exactly the sort of shameless self promotion I thought it was. Can I roll my eyes now?


People like you are the sole reason everyone’s against everyone. Im not looking to bait people into stuff they don’t want to; I’ve solely suggested a potential idea in which people can meet others, improve and make the game as a whole more fun. Make Forza as a whole, better for all. However, this idea was always going to be shot down by weird boys like you who think they’re far above everyone else.

Well I don’t like that artificial voice program that you use to make the videos.

What artificial voice program?

At least something different like every day the same topics up and down. I bet you also clicked on the link :-)))

i just watched the video. am i the only one who was reminded of old school tv coverage of racing events i used to watch as a kid?