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Sorry, but had to come back to this…

Take a look at this Thread

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you started the “negative” chain there :wink: why not just skipping/ignoring? maybe someone is interested (dont forget to scroll down there)

btw mod changed my post above but there was nothing wrong with my “blah/nonsense” response (sorry DamMe2006 but interpreting “your not welcome here” into this is “hard” so its blah in my eyes ;))

“Think before you post, if your post doesnt add anything to the conversation, don’t post” looks better on your reply there

Or this Thread

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same behavior :wink: why not skipping? noone forces u to comment

Look at your posts in the Auctionhouse thread…

This one is good

Horizon5 Players are idiots !?

There is a reason why u can sell cars “over the autshow price”. And it has nothing todo with cheaters/hackers/idiots. It allows players to sell cars with unique/unpublished tunes/designs for more money. It’s games job to prevent listings with fully stock cars at higher prices

Feel free to report the bug

It’s bit strange to say


you are somewhat part of the “problem”…

Oh and trust me i’m not calling u a “fanboy” (maybe block george :D) for positive feedback even better u get my respect for staying positive between all the “negative”. Fill the forum with posts about your “good experience” i’m sure you are not alone

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