(YOKO)Yoko Kazoku

Name translates to “Sideways Family”

New team made by some OG’s of forza, and drifting in general.
Name translates to “Sideways Family”

We are currently looking for new members.
No you don’t need to change your GT either.

Our team is about friends/family. We are a competitive yet friendly team.
Some of our previous teams have had members from just about every continent.

All skill levels are welcome, even if this is your first forza game.
Just don’t run slicks.
And this is a RWD team. If all you know is AWD but are willing to learn RWD don’t be afraid to ask.

Team Leaders

  • x8o8drifter formally x808drifter

  • FD Wangan

If you are interested in joining message me on Live.
I do work Mon/Fri and am not usually on till 10-11pm EST. But am usually on all weekend. (Live in Hawaii)

Wangan is usually on earlier.

I will be updating this post with a pic of the team sticker after i finish it tonight.

Yo 808, what team were you back in Forza “1”?(Assuming you played FM1)

Dont really remember.
There was Team wash/ Drift mafia/ Sydicate 7/ and some others.

I think you ran with my crew as well. (Slide America [S*A])

Maybe, sounds familiar.

yo was up 808 drifter…im from hawaii too ill add u , so we can drift