XP Levels

Just curious really…

Once the weekly jobs are done I tend to spend the rest of my time over the week in arcade. I’ve noticed that all the players I see in free roam/in arcade/in the online tab tend to be overwhelmingly at 0 prestige, prestige 1 does turn up sometimes, prestige 2 and above are like flying pigs.

Led me to wondering - is it just that the players with higher XP levels are off doing other stuff (Open, Eliminator etc.) where I wouldn’t come across them - I only do the online stuff when forced to by the playlist - or is it that players are just not racking up the XP as fast as they did in the past? Or is it just me?

Its because this game lacks rewarding, engaging and progressive replayable content.

FH4 on the other hand had vastly better replayable content. Many regulars such as myself played ranked solo. Several clans played ranked group. Many others played eliminator religiously and so forth.

I’m not sure why they did a lackluster job at end game content in FH5. Maybe they plan to improve this in the first expansion? Who knows…

I don’t think most people level up very quickly. I’m P3 and do a fair amount of Arcades. I rarely see anyone at a higher level than myself, even in Online…then again, I don’t do a huge amount of Online and it is mainly for Playlist so maybe that’s why