XBOX ONE S Forza Horizon 4 how to reset the game to new

Hey guys, i bought this game but then my daughter started playing on my account(the only account). I would like to reset the game profile back to scratch, like how most games have an option for starting new game.
I cannot seem to do that however. I have tried as suggested going into my games and apps/FH4/manage/and then delete the saved data. I did that twice to no avail and then I did that and power cycled the console. It still powered up and said syncing and then I still started off with the same cars and profile.
Can anyone shed some light on how I can start a fresh version of this game on my profile without doing a full uninstall / reinstall?
Thanks in advance -Josh

You just need to use “delete everywhere” option when deleting your save file. Reinstalling the game won’t stop the sinc. However I still think it’s impossible to reset ranking and online stats. But I’m not sure.

This + make an account for your daughter

You can’t. I was just wondering what your daughter has done that is so bad for your current game?