Xbox One edition: changing cars instantly

This feature is possible on the Xbox 360 edition of this game I enjoy a lot for the lobbies feature. All you need to do is to go to the pause menu → cars → change cars → and pick your car.
It is something I have requested for a long time, but I wonder if it would be possible to apply this on the Xbox One version of this -amazing- game? Sorry, but I am just a tad lazy.

Shouldn’t this be in the wishlist?

And isn’t this the “feature” that causes crashes on the 360 if the car isn’t completely stationary when used?

It is.

No, this is not a wishlist, I just want to know if such an application would be possible on Xbox One. Besides, it has already been in the wishlist thread.

It should be possible, considering that the 360 version, which is watered down pretty badly, has this, but this kind of stuff belongs in the wish list

It should be in however I doubt it will be now unfortunatetly. Hopefully FH3 will have this.