[XBOX ONE] Cinematic Replay Camera Error

Forza Motorsport 7

Since the game’s release i’ve noticed that on at least a few of the new tracks the standard replay camera that rotates between all the unique views doesn’t work correctly. Maple Valley is the only track that I can remember specifically that does this although there are others. I also want to say that it may have also happened on other new to F7 tracks. The camera that is shown in lieu of the correct one is more of a bumper 2 camera where you see the hood only and then it changes to a bumper 1 camera (no car shown).

I really enjoy watching the cinematic camera replay on this game after races to enjoy the graphical masterpiece that is Forza. Please address this in the upcoming fixes. Thank you.

Also, I am having the same issues as many others in regards to Split Screen errors. The “Known Issues” post mentions something that is familiar to what I’m seeing and I think it may be the same thing. When Player 2 applies full brakes after a high speed and attempts to turn simultaneously, the car does not turn while attempting to stop. This may be what happens when you turn off all the assists but I’m not sure. Please someone clarify whether this is the same issue. Thanks.

Sorry I forgot to mention this originally.