[XBOX ONE] Audio bug when selecting 'Next Race'

quite often when i select ‘next race’ during the single player campaign (havent tested in other menus) the sound that plays when you press ‘A’ keeps repeating forever.

like the audio channel buffers havent been flushed correctly and a snippet of the last played sound is played forever.

it will keep playing during the races, track loading, rewards screens. everywhere basically.
occasionally it will stop itself, i guess because that audio channel is used for some other sound that doesnt always play.

also quitting out to the main menus will stop it.

very, very annoying during a race to have ‘dingdingdingdingdingdingding…’ in your ear

I’m getting this at the end of every race, I love playing this game but it’s so broken

I have the same issue

Same. Really annoying.

This one started randomly happening to me this afternoon. For me it’s only been about 1 race in 6.