Audio Bug Is Ruining This....

you can fix it by backing out to the main menu

The only times I’ve had this happen is when I’ve pressed A before the progress bar has finished.

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Exactly this is when it happens.

I’ve had it happen twice when rushing through the rewards screens. Backing out to the main menu fixed it. It was a minor irritation.

I now have this since yesterday. It’s annoying. It’s another bug in a bug ridden game. This game was nowhere near finished when it was pushed out. While Turn 10 won’t learn from this, perhaps more players will.
This is the last time i spend money on an ultimate preorder. It has been released in a shocking state, and Turn 10 seemingly don’t care too much.
They only changed VIP after lots of customers refunded. That’s the only thing that matters to them new, money.
Having to now back out of game to fix this audio bug, along with matte grey cars everywhere, MP not working, rewards not coming through, etc etc. It’s just too many bugs to expect users to put up with. This on PC and on XOX. It’d be funny if it weren’t happening to so many people!

Having encounteres this bug, too. When returning to main menu this sound stops.


I run into this bug quite often. To avoid it from happen, after a race, wait until the progress bar has done filling before pressing A. This bug will occur if you press A too fast, i.e. before the blue progress bar finished filling.

A fix for this would be highly welcome.